Questions pile up for under siege conspiracy theorist

Following a widely read and shared article published elsewhere on this website on 1st September, 2022, there has been, inevitably, a demand for a follow-up. The substance of that careful, well-researched (and widely praised) piece of investigative journalism (read in full here) was to pose a series of important, public interest questions to an unemployed,Continue reading “Questions pile up for under siege conspiracy theorist”

Disgraced Mayor makes further false claims over efficacy of ‘Assurance Review’

Andy Burnham, the Mayor of Greater Manchester, has written an open letter to Oldham residents in response to widespread criticism of a Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) Assurance Review, commissioned and paid for by him, which was published on 20th June, 2022. In his letter, the Mayor says he wants to ‘make sure people in OldhamContinue reading “Disgraced Mayor makes further false claims over efficacy of ‘Assurance Review’”

No Action Yet Taken Against CSE Failure Staff

Once again, it has fallen to the Oldham’s Liberal Democrats to make the discovery that, despite both Oldham Council’s and Greater Manchester Police’s assurances that processes to deal with child sexual exploitation (CSE) have changed extensively, they have also confirmed that no disciplinary actions have so far been taken with any staff still employed whoContinue reading “No Action Yet Taken Against CSE Failure Staff”

GMP officer to face court over multiple child sex offences

  Greater Manchester Police, currently in Special Measures and mired in failings over past CSE investigations, has issued this press release a short time ago:   “Following a GMP led investigation, Detective Constable Stephen Hardy (Date of birth 8.7.1977), who is based within our Stockport division, has been charged with the following offences in connectionContinue reading “GMP officer to face court over multiple child sex offences”

Council Leader condemns ‘Punch and Judy’ show

Troubled Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council, mired in controversy over the long-delayed publication of the Assurance Review into child sexual exploitation (CSE) in the town, has issued a statement, via its Leader, Cllr Amanda Chadderton (pictured above), setting out its strategy for tackling both the findings of the report and the ongoing CSE problem in theContinue reading “Council Leader condemns ‘Punch and Judy’ show”

‘Profoundly disappointing’ response from chief constable says CSE survivor, ‘Sophie’

Following a meeting that took place at Greater Manchester Police headquarters, earlier this week, between Oldham’s highest profile child sexual exploitation (CSE) survivor, ‘Sophie’, and the GMP chief constable, a written reply has now been provided by Stephen Watson, who joined the thoroughly disgraced force just over a year ago. Sophie was accompanied at theContinue reading “‘Profoundly disappointing’ response from chief constable says CSE survivor, ‘Sophie’”

Will democracy trump disorder?

Following disgraceful scenes of public disorder at an Extraordinary Meeting of Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council on 27th June, 2022 more disruption is expected at a Full Council meeting scheduled for 13th July, 2022. Noisy and disruptive protests over a failed ‘Assurance Review’ into child sexual exploitation failings in the Borough, during the period 2006 toContinue reading “Will democracy trump disorder?”

Criticism of controversial Oldham CSE report piles high

Following the public release of a controversial ‘Child Sexual Exploitation Assurance Review’ on 20th June, 2022 and an ugly display of public disorder by protesters at an Extraordinary Council Meeting a week later, Liberal Democrat councillors in Oldham have said that the report into historic safeguarding and CSE in the Borough is just the startContinue reading “Criticism of controversial Oldham CSE report piles high”

Another High Court court setback for disgraced Tory

In what has been a turbulent year for former Oldham councillor, Khazir Rehman, his fall from grace has been rapid and almost complete. Better known locally as ‘Kaiser’, he was convicted on 9th July, 2021, in Tameside Magistrates’ Court, of harassing the high profile Oldham Council Cabinet Member (and now Deputy Mayor), Dr Zahid Chauhan. AContinue reading “Another High Court court setback for disgraced Tory”

Adjournment Debate: Jim McMahon MP – Child sexual exploitation and safeguarding in Oldham

LIVE FEED from Parliament: BACKGROUND: Jim McMahon was elected as MP for Oldham West in 2015 and has steadily risen through the junior Parliamentary ranks and now sits as Shadow Minister for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. In 2018, following representations from parents, staff and pupils of a free school operated in his constituency,Continue reading “Adjournment Debate: Jim McMahon MP – Child sexual exploitation and safeguarding in Oldham”