Mystery shrouds allegation of police force data breach

An allegation of a data breach in their dealings with a journalist, made by a notorious police service critic, is proving difficult to stand up. Paul Ponting, a 53 year old computer repairer from Ormskirk, West Lancashire, who operates a number of social media channels themed around his infamous ‘UK Corrupt Police’ Twitter account, allegesContinue reading “Mystery shrouds allegation of police force data breach”

‘What’s happening, brother’

So sang Marvin Gaye on his 1971 Billboard Top 10 album, ‘What’s Going On’. It is some months since Neil Wilby Media published their most recent article featuring Operation Laggan and what is claimed to be the biggest failed fraud investigation and prosecution in the history of the criminal justice system in the United Kingdom.Continue reading “‘What’s happening, brother’”

‘There’s one born every minute’

‘Can you believe this?!!’ said the text message from a professional associate this morning. She was referring to the image posted beneath the headline on this page. The reply from the author of this article, Neil Wilby, and the subsequent digital conversation went like this: ‘Pull the other one! No-one can possibly be so utterlyContinue reading “‘There’s one born every minute’”

Safeguarding officer charged with misconduct in public office

A former West Yorkshire Police officer is due to make his first appearance in court today charged with three counts of misconduct in public office, following an investigation by the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC). A hearing for former PC Declan Middleton, who was assigned to the Bradford District Safeguarding Domestic Abuse Team, isContinue reading “Safeguarding officer charged with misconduct in public office”

Police officer cleared of sexual assault now faces misconduct hearing over vetting issues

A police constable deployed with North Yorkshire Police in its Harrogate District faces an accelerated misconduct hearing tomorrow (2nd June, 2023) at force headquarters. It is alleged that PC Christopher Hudson (picture above supplied by NYP) breached the required Professional Standards of honesty and integrity and duties and responsibilities by: (i) failing to declare theContinue reading “Police officer cleared of sexual assault now faces misconduct hearing over vetting issues”

Police officer faces misconduct hearing over WhatsApp misuse

A South Yorkshire Police officer faces a misconduct hearing today (31st May, 2023), at which he will face allegations of sending photographs relating to operational policing matters via the messaging service, WhatsApp. On multiple occasions, the force says, the pictures were accompanied by ‘inappropriate comments’. The hearing notice on the SYP website sets out theContinue reading “Police officer faces misconduct hearing over WhatsApp misuse”

Two constables face loss of careers and reputations over minor car parking bump

A three day misconduct hearing scheduled for 30th, 31st May and 1st June, 2023 could see the end of the careers of two West Yorkshire Police officers. The panel, chaired by an as yet un-named legally qualified chair will hear allegations against PC Maguire and PC Yamin, both of the force’s Halifax District, concerning breachesContinue reading “Two constables face loss of careers and reputations over minor car parking bump”

Respected social justice campaigner aims to heal toxicity

The founder of Homeless Friendly and leading activist, Cllr Zahid Chauhan OBE, is promising to reunite the people of his home town and restore peace across the borough ahead of becoming Oldham’s new Mayor. This commitment comes after another turbulent local election in the town earlier this month, which saw the council lose its thirdContinue reading “Respected social justice campaigner aims to heal toxicity”

Police force continues to ‘root out and boot out’ corrupt cops

As Greater Manchester Police continues its self-styled campaign to ‘root out and boot out’ corruption – ensuring employees are fit to fight crime, keep people safe, and care for victims – its opaqueness in terms of misconduct hearings continues to rub against that laudable, and, some might argue, long overdue aim. Following an article publishedContinue reading “Police force continues to ‘root out and boot out’ corrupt cops”

Civilian police officer charged with sexual assault

West Yorkshire Police say a civilian member of staff is due to appear in court charged with sexual assault. Matthew Oxby, 48, who is deployed in the Regional Scientific Support Services unit, has been charged with sexually assaulting a female, the force said. The charge relates to an alleged incident which took place whilst theContinue reading “Civilian police officer charged with sexual assault”