Will jumping gun lead to Electoral Commission probe?

If the present Government manages to see out its full term, Parliament will dissolve on Tuesday 17th December, 2024. Five years after it first met. Every general election since 1935 has been held on a Thursday and, accordingly, it seems certain that the one that would follow such a dissolution would then be held onContinue reading “Will jumping gun lead to Electoral Commission probe?”

Live Feed – Oldham Council Extraordinary Meeting 27.06.22

Preamble (Please scroll down for regular updates, the most recent just below the Preamble) This feed will go live at 5pm when protesters, self-styling as The Rabble and attached to notorious, unemployed Tameside conspiracy theorist, Raja Miah, are set to assemble in Parliament Square near the famous Annie Kenney statue. The meeting is set toContinue reading “Live Feed – Oldham Council Extraordinary Meeting 27.06.22”

Council Leader makes crisis meeting U-turn as Mayor throws her ‘under a bus’

In the wake of a damning and widely reported child safeguarding report, beleagured Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council announced that an Extraordinary Meeting will take place on Monday 27th June, 2022 at the Civic Centre (read more here). This followed a press conference hosted by the Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA), who first commissioned region-wide ‘AssuranceContinue reading “Council Leader makes crisis meeting U-turn as Mayor throws her ‘under a bus’”