‘Private Pike’ to face court martial?

A rookie Conservative councillor, nicknamed ‘Private Pike’ in Oldham’s civic chamber, who has spent much of the last year denying that he is linked to a notorious Tameside-based conspiracy theorist, has eventually revealed his true colours. Cllr Dave Arnott, whom, purportedly, represents the Royton North ward since he was narrowly elected in May, 2021, enthusiasticallyContinue reading “‘Private Pike’ to face court martial?”

‘The Rabble’ repeatedly humiliates Raja

For the second time inside a week, an infamous and cultish group that self-styles as The Rabble (or Raja’s Rabble) has humiliated its Great Leader. Raja Miah, an unemployed, Tameside-based conspiracy theorist who plies the 190-strong Rabble with a seemingly endless stream of persistent, mendacious, sensationalised untruths in exchange for subscriptions and/or donations to hisContinue reading “‘The Rabble’ repeatedly humiliates Raja”

Councillor accused of rape bailed for third time

A spokesperson for Greater Manchester Police has confirmed that an Oldham councillor accused of rape has been bailed for a third time. A further review is expected in March, 2023. The male elected Member was arrested at his home on 8th September, 2022 and has since continued to attend Full Council meetings, committee meetings andContinue reading “Councillor accused of rape bailed for third time”

Councillor accused of rape attends fourth civic centre meeting since arrest and bail

As Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council performs its routine stagger from crisis to crisis, one of its elected Members added to the current drama when, earlier today (14th December, 2022) ┬áhe turned up for his second Full Council meeting since his arrest on 8th September, 2022. Made all the more remarkable as Greater Manchester Police‘s DistrictContinue reading “Councillor accused of rape attends fourth civic centre meeting since arrest and bail”

‘This Council is being run like a circus full of clowns’

A dramatic headline, drawn from the very recent words of Cllr Lewis Quigg (pictured above) in a scathing attack about Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council on which he sits as a Member of the Conservative Party. For context, the post on the ‘Oldham Conservatives’ Facebook page earlier this week is reproduced here in full: “Oldham CouncilContinue reading “‘This Council is being run like a circus full of clowns’”

‘Cover-up’ council puts up the shutters yet again

A local council that repeatedly, and falsely, claims to be open and transparent has been caught out, yet again, in a familiar sequence of ineptitude, poor decision-making, deception and cover-up. As is often the case, what started out as a relatively minor matter escalates out of all proportion simply because very highly paid senior officersContinue reading “‘Cover-up’ council puts up the shutters yet again”

‘Vigilante’ patrol returns to Manchester streets

The controversial Failsworth Street Patrol (FSP) is back. Founded around two years ago and run by local man, Paul Wadsworth, FSP purports to keep the streets of the North East Manchester suburb safe by sending out unvetted men in hoods and balaclavas in the early hours of the morning. Amongst these patrollers are said toContinue reading “‘Vigilante’ patrol returns to Manchester streets”

Will ‘Boots’ toe the line over doctor’s proposed remedy?

The controversial outfall from a story first broken on Neil Wilby Media on 16th November, 2022 continues to spread far and wide. The article can be read in full here but, in essence, it was two Liberal Democrat councillors who sit on Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council (OMBC) complaining about a senior Labour councillor and allegedContinue reading “Will ‘Boots’ toe the line over doctor’s proposed remedy?”

Disgraced hyper-local Party let themselves down yet again

On this Neil Wilby Media website there are hundreds of stories that concern the more complex end of the crime and disaster spectrum; serious journalism on the most sombre of topics. Amongst all that, there are probably a dozen or so articles that feature a controversial political party that operates out of a north-east suburbContinue reading “Disgraced hyper-local Party let themselves down yet again”

‘Investigative journalist, my arse’ says disgraced councillor.

Two days ago, a perennially disgraced Oldham councillor, Brian Hobin, was approached by the author of this article, Neil Wilby, to offer right of reply to a piece published here on Neil Wilby Media on the same day. The subject matter concerned a prima facie parking violation that was of no real consequence, apart fromContinue reading “‘Investigative journalist, my arse’ says disgraced councillor.”