Safeguarding Minister says ‘No’

As reported elsewhere on Neil Wilby Media earlier today (read more here), the Home Office has written to the Leader of the Opposition on Oldham Council (Cllr Howard Sykes MBE is also the Group Leader of the Liberal Democrats) and turned down his request for an independent inquiry into grotesque failings by police and councilContinue reading “Safeguarding Minister says ‘No’”

No public inquiry in Oldham says Home Office

At a meeting of Full Council in Oldham last night it was heard, during an answer to a question from a member of the public, that the Home Office had replied to a letter from the local Liberal Democrats and turned down their request for a public inquiry into grotesque child sexual exploitation (CSE) failingsContinue reading “No public inquiry in Oldham says Home Office”

Oldham Full Council meeting 7.9.22 – Live blog

For a link to the Agenda for this meeting – and some significant scene setting – please scroll down this page, a little way, to the Preamble posted yesterday afternoon. The latest updates will appear immediately below this opening paragraph and run back in time order. This is a format that has worked efficiently forContinue reading “Oldham Full Council meeting 7.9.22 – Live blog”

Questions pile up for under siege conspiracy theorist

Following a widely read and shared article published elsewhere on this website on 1st September, 2022, there has been, inevitably, a demand for a follow-up. The substance of that careful, well-researched (and widely praised) piece of investigative journalism (read in full here) was to pose a series of important, public interest questions to an unemployed,Continue reading “Questions pile up for under siege conspiracy theorist”

Journalism is not a popularity contest – but this abuse is absolutely off the scale

As an investigative journalist, an essential requirement is to develop a thick skin and the ability shrug off both criticism and resistance to what is being probed, writes Neil Wilby. Particularly, from subjects of those enquiries and their circle of friends and associates who may feel threatened by what may, potentially, be exposed. This can,Continue reading “Journalism is not a popularity contest – but this abuse is absolutely off the scale”

Questions the MEN didn’t ask Mossley conspiracy theorist

Earlier this week, an article elsewhere on this website foretold an ominous piece of journalism planned by the Region’s leading daily newspaper, the Manchester Evening News (MEN): It will feature, centrally, a notorious, 49 year old, unemployed Tameside conspiracy theorist, Raja Miah (read more here). The Neil Wilby Media piece included an image of anContinue reading “Questions the MEN didn’t ask Mossley conspiracy theorist”

‘Malicious Beggar’ untroubled by newspaper ‘hatchet job’

Notorious, unemployed conspiracy theorist, Raja Miah, who operates a series of discredited, frequently banned social media platforms from a room in his plush Mossley, Tameside apartment, is to be put under the microscope later in the week by the Manchester Evening News. The regional daily has sent him a list of around twenty questions toContinue reading “‘Malicious Beggar’ untroubled by newspaper ‘hatchet job’”

Council Leader kept in the dark

In an exclusive published elsewhere on this website two days ago, detailed background was provided into an ‘inexplicable’ and much criticised decision by Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council taken earlier in the week (read more here). It was predicated on the reasonable assumption that such a far reaching ruling – to remove all video records ofContinue reading “Council Leader kept in the dark”

‘Inexpicable’ decision leads to more ‘cover up’ accusations

A series of what can only be objectively viewed as poor decisions is leading beleaguered Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council further into what is already a dark hole, with a large sign headed ‘Cover-Up’ at its entrance. In June this year, a long-delayed report into the handling of historic child sex abuse in the Borough wasContinue reading “‘Inexpicable’ decision leads to more ‘cover up’ accusations”

Public protection police officer charged with rape

A serving Greater Manchester Police officer has been charged with rape. James Andrew Darnton, 51, faces the charge in relation to an incident involving a woman in 2009. He is a temporary detective inspector within the force’s public protection governance unit at Greater Manchester Police. He has been suspended, and professional standards disciplinary proceedings willContinue reading “Public protection police officer charged with rape”