Oldham-led drug gang jailed

Three white males, who imported cannabis by posting packages from the United States of America to their own homes, have been jailed. Thus dealing yet another blow to a notorious, unemployed, Tameside-based conspiracy theorist whom continually asserts that all criminal enterprise – and control of Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council – is vested with Raja Miah‘sContinue reading “Oldham-led drug gang jailed”

Here we go again

After what is believed to be a record breaking year in 2022,  comprising an unprecedented nine magistrates’ courts appearances, in three different court centres, plus a listed case management hearing at which he wasn’t required to, and didn’t, attend (read more here), an unemployed Tameside-based conspiracy theorist returns to the Greater Manchester courtrooms today (17thContinue reading “Here we go again”

‘The Rabble’ repeatedly humiliates Raja

For the second time inside a week, an infamous and cultish group that self-styles as The Rabble (or Raja’s Rabble) has humiliated its Great Leader. Raja Miah, an unemployed, Tameside-based conspiracy theorist who plies the 190-strong Rabble with a seemingly endless stream of persistent, mendacious, sensationalised untruths in exchange for subscriptions and/or donations to hisContinue reading “‘The Rabble’ repeatedly humiliates Raja”

Special constable who assaulted 7 year old boy placed on police service barred list

A former Greater Manchester Police Special Constable has been placed on the College of Policing Barred List following a misconduct hearing. Andrew Parkinson, who worked in GMP’s Bolton district and lives in the town, was convicted of assault on 15th June 2022 after a trial at Liverpool Magistrates’ Court (read more here) and resigned fromContinue reading “Special constable who assaulted 7 year old boy placed on police service barred list”

Specialist ‘Operation Venture’ team to tackle violent crime on region’s transport network

Greater Manchester Police (GMP) is working alongside with Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM), and its operators, as part of the TravelSafe Partnership (TSP) to tackle knife crime and reassure the public. In the light of recent knife-related incidents on the transport network, GMP have stepped up their policing response, with support from TSP, to demonstrateContinue reading “Specialist ‘Operation Venture’ team to tackle violent crime on region’s transport network”

Another Federation Chair slams Government’s policing failures

Greater Manchester Police are topping the tables again; But this time it’s for all the wrong reasons. The Police Federation of England and Wales’s (PFEW’s) Pay and Morale Survey 2022 has revealed the severity of the crisis faced by rank and file officers and highlighted a sense of deepening frustration towards the Government. The ChairContinue reading “Another Federation Chair slams Government’s policing failures”

Councillor accused of rape bailed for third time

A spokesperson for Greater Manchester Police has confirmed that an Oldham councillor accused of rape has been bailed for a third time. A further review is expected in March, 2023. The male elected Member was arrested at his home on 8th September, 2022 and has since continued to attend Full Council meetings, committee meetings andContinue reading “Councillor accused of rape bailed for third time”

Police say ‘no misconduct and no complaints’ arising from ‘excessive force’ video

Following a request made to Greater Manchester Police on Monday 2nd January, 2023 a statement has been issued in response to a video circulating on social media that appeared to show excessive force being used on a detained suspect (read more here). “At around 11pm on Friday 30 December 2022, officers were called to reports ofContinue reading “Police say ‘no misconduct and no complaints’ arising from ‘excessive force’ video”

Police asked to provide context to ‘excessive force’ film clip circulating on social media

Greater Manchester Police has been asked to provide a statement regarding an incident on Union Street, in Oldham town centre and said to have occurred on New Year’s Eve. A film is circulating on social media, including via the Oldham News and Media Facebook page, that, taken at its face, appears to show excessive forceContinue reading “Police asked to provide context to ‘excessive force’ film clip circulating on social media”

‘Car-jacking’ was ‘faked’ by notorious conspiracy theorist

A former prominent member of The Rabble (or Raja’s Rabble) a support group attached to a notorious, Tameside-based conspiracy theorist, Raja Miah, says that ‘Asian Cartels’ in an East Lancashire mill town are ‘prepared to kill’ in order to keep their secrets safe. The whistleblower, who fears reprisals from both The Rabble and the ‘Cartels’Continue reading “‘Car-jacking’ was ‘faked’ by notorious conspiracy theorist”