Council Leader ‘appalled’ over independents’ ‘gutter politics’

Royton South was always going to be one of the key wards in the forthcoming Oldham Council elections where voters go to the polls on 4th May, 2023. The Council Leader, Cllr Amanda Chadderton has held a seat there since 2012 and faced a year long smear attack, in an unvarnished attempt to unseat her,Continue reading “Council Leader ‘appalled’ over independents’ ‘gutter politics’”

Smear campaign set to oust third Council Leader in two years?

Since local elections for seats on Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council resumed, post-pandemic in 2021, there has only been one meaningful debating point: Will a notorious, unemployed, Tameside-based conspiracy theorist, operating a suite of discredited, frequently banned social media channels, styled as ‘Recusant Nine‘, persuade enough voters to back his ‘child sexual exploitation (CSE) cover-up inContinue reading “Smear campaign set to oust third Council Leader in two years?”

What a Mare – new pub landlord faces boycott by locals

What a difference a month or so makes. On 4th March, 2023 a well known public house in the East Manchester suburb of Failsworth held a grand re-opening night after fears that the well established Mare and Foal would be lost for good following its abrupt closure two months earlier. The Marston’s owned pub, withContinue reading “What a Mare – new pub landlord faces boycott by locals”

Councillor’s Facebook page hijacked by former Party colleague, he says

A controversial split in an East Manchester hyper-local political party, exclusively and progressively revealed by Neil Wilby Media over the past five weeks (read more here), took several new turns yesterday. Firstly, the Chair of the Failsworth Independent Party (FIP), Cllr Brian Hobin (Failsworth East), revealed that his councillor Facebook account was being controlled byContinue reading “Councillor’s Facebook page hijacked by former Party colleague, he says”

Raja to the rescue?

Fresh from saving The Coliseum in Oldham (the only man who could do so, he said) and the town’s two professional sports teams, Oldham Athletic (The Latics) and Oldham Rugby Leage Football Club (The Roughyeds), from the evils of a £1 million investment at Boundary Park, it appears, in his mind only, that Raja Miah,Continue reading “Raja to the rescue?”

‘The Truth, whole truth and nothing but’ says mystery voice

Over the past few years, a lengthy series of Neil Wilby Media articles has demonstrated, irrevocably, that there is nothing quite so ludicrous in local politics in Greater Manchester, or possibly the entire country, than a Failsworth Independent Party (FIP) councillor or official. Just one of those articles can be read here. It includes linksContinue reading “‘The Truth, whole truth and nothing but’ says mystery voice”

Councillor’s wife opens up over hyper-local Party split

A dramatic and hugely damaging split in the controversial and routinely disgraced hyper-locals, Failsworth Independent Party, was exclusively revealed by Neil Wilby Media over a month ago on its Facebook page. Yet again, the sleepy, plc owned local and regional media, whom, between them, were beaten to significant news on the patch by a small,Continue reading “Councillor’s wife opens up over hyper-local Party split”

Impropriety mystery after hyper-locals de-select two sitting councillors.

A split in a controversial hyper-local political party in Greater Manchester, that was first exposed exclusively by Neil Wilby Media in early March, 2023, has now turned into an ugly gash. The Failsworth Independent Party has courted, and indeed regularly sought out, controversy since it was founded in September, 2019. Two months later they adoptedContinue reading “Impropriety mystery after hyper-locals de-select two sitting councillors.”

Oldham Council belatedly reveal local election candidates

Whenever someone uses the age old phrase ‘Couldn’t run a p*ss-up in a brewery’ the mind, these days, turns almost automatically to Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council‘s senior executive team. Where simple, basic standards of performance, or the requisite ethical and professional standards to guide them, appear almost completely absent. The latest farrago to draw criticismContinue reading “Oldham Council belatedly reveal local election candidates”

No Government intervention at troubled council as Tory motion heavily defeated

As safely and exclusively predicted on Neil Wilby Media last week, a Conservative Party motion at Full Council failed to persuade their fellow elected Members that the running of Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council by an ‘out of depth’ administration warranted intervention by the Prime Minister and the Secretary of State for Levelling Up, Housing andContinue reading “No Government intervention at troubled council as Tory motion heavily defeated”