How can this take so long?

On 26th October, 2022 an exclusive was published on Neil Wilby Media that set out the bare details of a dispute between two experienced Labour Party activists in a famous old East Lancashire mill town. It was headlined ‘Councillor comes clean’ (read full article here) and followed reports that an un-named Labour councillor sitting onContinue reading “How can this take so long?”

‘Cover-up’ council urgently invited to review alleged rape safeguarding decision

Following two very recent decisions by Northern police forces to sack officers after having sexual relations with vulnerable females with whom they have had professional contact, Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council has been asked to review its decision to allow a sitting councillor accused of rape to continue to attend Full Council meetings, committee meetings andContinue reading “‘Cover-up’ council urgently invited to review alleged rape safeguarding decision”

Tory revolt over controversial councillor’s future role

A controversial Conservative councillor, who owes his seat on Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council almost entirely to a grotesque smear campaign against his main opponent, faces losing his Party nomination for the ‘all-out’ elections in May, 2023. Cllr Robert Barnes, who presently represents the Chadderton South ward, narrowly ousted the former Labour and Council Leader, AroojContinue reading “Tory revolt over controversial councillor’s future role”

‘Private Pike’ to face court martial?

A rookie Conservative councillor, nicknamed ‘Private Pike’ in Oldham’s civic chamber, who has spent much of the last year denying that he is linked to a notorious Tameside-based conspiracy theorist, has eventually revealed his true colours. Cllr Dave Arnott, whom, purportedly, represents the Royton North ward since he was narrowly elected in May, 2021, enthusiasticallyContinue reading “‘Private Pike’ to face court martial?”

Local councillor backtracks over legal action against journalist

Following an article published by Neil Wilby Media on 11th January, 2023, headlined ‘They are not proper Tories’ (read in full here), a request was received from a controversial local councillor who claimed that those words had been mistakenly ascribed to him. Cllr Max Woodvine (pictured above), who represents the Saddleworth South ward on OldhamContinue reading “Local councillor backtracks over legal action against journalist”

Oldham-led drug gang jailed

Three white males, who imported cannabis by posting packages from the United States of America to their own homes, have been jailed. Thus dealing yet another blow to a notorious, unemployed, Tameside-based conspiracy theorist whom continually asserts that all criminal enterprise – and control of Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council – is vested with Raja Miah‘sContinue reading “Oldham-led drug gang jailed”

Notorious ‘cover-up’ council sets out election ID assistance

The Government has introduced new legislation which means photographic identification will be compulsory for anyone voting in person in this year’s local elections. Voters attending polling stations on Thursday 4th May, 2023 will be refused a ballot paper if they do not show Government-approved photo ID. Accepted ID includes a passport, driving licence, concessionary busContinue reading “Notorious ‘cover-up’ council sets out election ID assistance”

‘The Rabble’ repeatedly humiliates Raja

For the second time inside a week, an infamous and cultish group that self-styles as The Rabble (or Raja’s Rabble) has humiliated its Great Leader. Raja Miah, an unemployed, Tameside-based conspiracy theorist who plies the 190-strong Rabble with a seemingly endless stream of persistent, mendacious, sensationalised untruths in exchange for subscriptions and/or donations to hisContinue reading “‘The Rabble’ repeatedly humiliates Raja”

Social media giants continue conspiracy theorist purge

Following a report here on Neil Wilby Media on 7th January, 2023 (read in full here) it has emerged that the social media giant, YouTube (owned by the even larger Google), continues to remove the content of Greater Manchester’s most infamous conspiracy theorist from its platform. Unemployed, Tameside-based Raja Miah, whose perennially disgraced Recusant NineContinue reading “Social media giants continue conspiracy theorist purge”

Councillor accused of rape bailed for third time

A spokesperson for Greater Manchester Police has confirmed that an Oldham councillor accused of rape has been bailed for a third time. A further review is expected in March, 2023. The male elected Member was arrested at his home on 8th September, 2022 and has since continued to attend Full Council meetings, committee meetings andContinue reading “Councillor accused of rape bailed for third time”