Local Tories press self-destruct button again

Following another shameful, witless, heartless performance by their Party in Oldham Council’s Budget Meeting earlier this week (1st March, 2023) the author of this article, Neil Wilby, asked his assistant to check the Oldham Conservatives Facebook page for any useful background for another Neil Wilby Media article that is at the planning stage. The FacebookContinue reading “Local Tories press self-destruct button again”

Local Tories fail to publicly condemn ‘racist and misogynistic’ leaflet

It is hard to comprehend that a double-sided A4 leaflet, distributed last weekend ahead of the forthcoming Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council elections can have spawned four articles in the five days since.  The first headlined ‘Will hate campaign claim second local council Leader?’ (read in full here) reported on plans by a discredited political activistContinue reading “Local Tories fail to publicly condemn ‘racist and misogynistic’ leaflet”

Another crisis for Oldham Tories?

In what has been a turbulent few weeks for the local Conservative Party in Oldham and Saddleworth (read more here), the latest blow is the resignation of sitting councillor, Sahr Abid (pictured above on the right of front row) who represented the Medlock Vale ward on Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council. She was elected with aContinue reading “Another crisis for Oldham Tories?”

Number of candidates set to contest Oldham elections drops to 95

With the local elections in the East Lancashire mill town less than three weeks away, the statutory list of wards, candidates, and their proposers and seconders, has been published by Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council (see here). There are twenty wards in the Borough, and the Council, as part of its Publication Scheme, provides impressive in-depthContinue reading “Number of candidates set to contest Oldham elections drops to 95”