Police confirm third arrest of notorious conspiracy theorist

In a short statement issued yesterday (28th April, 2023), Greater Manchester Police said: “Yesterday morning (Thursday 27th April 2023) a 49-year-old [was] arrested on suspicion of stirring up racial hatred outside a place of worship on Featherstall Road North, Oldham. “The male has been released and no further action has been taken”. The lines wereContinue reading “Police confirm third arrest of notorious conspiracy theorist”

Oldham Council belatedly reveal local election candidates

Whenever someone uses the age old phrase ‘Couldn’t run a p*ss-up in a brewery’ the mind, these days, turns almost automatically to Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council‘s senior executive team. Where simple, basic standards of performance, or the requisite ethical and professional standards to guide them, appear almost completely absent. The latest farrago to draw criticismContinue reading “Oldham Council belatedly reveal local election candidates”

Oldham’s biggest public nuisance to stand as election candidate for ‘The Rabble’

Hot news from Oldham Civic Centre. Warren Bates (pictured above with his friend, local businessman and charity organiser Mohammed Imran Ali) has announced he is standing in the May elections in Oldham as The Rabble’s candidate in the controversial Chadderton South ward. The Rabble is a group of axe-grinders and political malcontents based in Mossley,Continue reading “Oldham’s biggest public nuisance to stand as election candidate for ‘The Rabble’”

Feral female’s further falsehoods

Over the past two years or so, I have written hundreds of thousands of words on this Neil Wilby Media website about a famous old East Lancashire mill town and its political trials and tribulations, writes Neil Wilby. It’s a journey I never wanted to make in the first place and one from which anContinue reading “Feral female’s further falsehoods”

Council delay issue of more ASBI warnings to ‘protesters’

In an exclusive, and controversial, article published elsewhere on this website on 5th August, 2022 four recipients of warning letters issued by Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council were identified (read here). Each had received notice, delivered by a process server who was accompanied by officers from Greater Manchester Police, that set out a schedule of unacceptableContinue reading “Council delay issue of more ASBI warnings to ‘protesters’”

‘Public nuisance’ set to defy Council ASBI warning

News of the unedifying scenes of public disorder that marred the last two meetings of Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council has, regrettably, spread far wider than the boundaries of the famous old East Lancashire mill town (read more here). The Council has, in line with a promise made by its new Leader, Cllr Amanda Chadderton (readContinue reading “‘Public nuisance’ set to defy Council ASBI warning”

Council and police get tough with Raja’s Rabble

  Following serious scenes of public disorder, at two successive meetings of Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council (read more here), senior officers, working in tandem with Greater Manchester Police, have struck back. Warning notices under the Anti Social Behaviour Policing and Crime Act, 2014 (read more here) have been served on a number of ‘protesters’ whoContinue reading “Council and police get tough with Raja’s Rabble”

Can democracy trump chaos?

Over the past month there have been unprecedented scenes of serious disorder during two meetings of Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council. The first of those was an Extraordinary Meeting called in the wake of a controversial and much delayed ‘Assurance Review’ into historic child sexual exploitation (CSE) in the town. The second was a scheduled meetingContinue reading “Can democracy trump chaos?”

Bottle thrower is identified as ‘Walter Mitty’ character

Yet another convicted criminal has now been identified as part of the infamous group that self-style as The Rabble in Oldham. Over the past two years, having terrorised critics of their cult hero, unemployed Tameside conspiracy theorist, Raja Miah, with on-line ‘pile-ons’, and targeted stalking and trolling, they have more recently turned their attention toContinue reading “Bottle thrower is identified as ‘Walter Mitty’ character”

Local elections in Oldham begin to take shape

In what is probably the most important election in decades, the political parties in Oldham are settling on their candidates that will fight the twenty-one seats that are up for grabs. Since the election in May, 2019 only one poll has taken place and that attracted widespread media attention for all the wrong reasons asContinue reading “Local elections in Oldham begin to take shape”