Car chase leads to long list of criminal charges for police officer

A serving Greater Manchester Police officer, based in their Salford district, has been charged with a number of criminal offences after a police chase led to a man being arrested in Leeds. PC Jessica Verbruggen was arrested after a car allegedly failed to stop during a pursuit by West Yorkshire PoliceĀ in November 2021. 29 yearContinue reading “Car chase leads to long list of criminal charges for police officer”

Speculation over alleged rape councillor reaches fever pitch

Early yesterday a short, but pointed, piece concerning the recent arrest and bail of a local councillor over rape allegations was published elsewhere on Neil Wilby Media (read here). At that time, dialogue with both the press offices of Greater Manchester Police and Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council was ongoing. By a different route to theContinue reading “Speculation over alleged rape councillor reaches fever pitch”

Oldham police officer charged with harassment

A 51 year old serving Greater Manchester Police officer was charged earlier today (23rd September, 2022) with harassing a woman. In a short statement, GMP said they responded to a report that between 10th December, 2021, and 21st March, 2022, a woman was repeatedly contacted by PC Dean Dickenson. The officer, from Oldham, has beenContinue reading “Oldham police officer charged with harassment”

Oldham councillor arrested and bailed over rape allegations

A post appeared on the Manchester Evening News website yesterday evening with broadly the same headline. But it is not a story I would have run, writes Neil Wilby, even though I’m adjacent to much the same facts and like the MEN reporter, whom I admire and respect greatly, know the name of the subjectContinue reading “Oldham councillor arrested and bailed over rape allegations”

Council crackdown on public disorder continues

It is well rehearsed elsewhere on this Neil Wilby Media website that Full Council meetings during the current municipal year in Oldham Metropolitan Borough have been turbulent renewals. Two of those meetings, in June and July, were marred by scenes of serious disorder both in the public galleries and in the council chamber – andContinue reading “Council crackdown on public disorder continues”

Date set for harassment trial

At a short hearing on 15th September, 2022, at Manchester Magistratesā€™ Court, a date was listed for the trial of an unemployed conspiracy theorist from Tameside. Raja Miah, 49, denies a charge of harassment without violence and a trial on 2nd and 3rd February, 2023 will hear that he is alleged to have made socialContinue reading “Date set for harassment trial”

Lawyers give cold shoulder to disgraced conspiracy theorist

On 23rd July, 2021, a group of Greater Manchester Police officers, led by Detective Sergeant Chris Dean, executed a dawn raid at a property in Stamford Road, Mossley, Tameside. News broken exclusively on Neil Wilby Media at the time and followed up by local and regional newspapers, subsequently. Raja Miah, a 48yo unemployed conspiracy theoristContinue reading “Lawyers give cold shoulder to disgraced conspiracy theorist”

No public inquiry in Oldham says Home Office

At a meeting of Full Council in Oldham last night it was heard, during an answer to a question from a member of the public, that the Home Office had replied to a letter from the local Liberal Democrats and turned down their request for a public inquiry into grotesque child sexual exploitation (CSE) failingsContinue reading “No public inquiry in Oldham says Home Office”

Journalism is not a popularity contest – but this abuse is absolutely off the scale

As an investigative journalist, an essential requirement is to develop a thick skin and the ability shrug off both criticism and resistance to what is being probed, writes Neil Wilby. Particularly, from subjects of those enquiries and their circle of friends and associates who may feel threatened by what may, potentially, be exposed. This can,Continue reading “Journalism is not a popularity contest – but this abuse is absolutely off the scale”

Questions the MEN didn’t ask Mossley conspiracy theorist

Earlier this week, an article elsewhere on this website foretold an ominous piece of journalism planned by the Region’s leading daily newspaper, the Manchester Evening News (MEN): It will feature, centrally, a notorious, 49 year old, unemployed Tameside conspiracy theorist, Raja Miah (read more here). The Neil Wilby Media piece included an image of anContinue reading “Questions the MEN didn’t ask Mossley conspiracy theorist”