Arrest report triggers expected torrent of abuse from suspect

In September, 2022, an article was published on Neil Wilby Media with the self-explanatory headline: ‘Journalism is not a popularity contest but this abuse is absolutely off the scale’. It can be read in full here but, briefly, it chronicles a reporter’s journey through the political cauldron that is the famous old East Lancashire townContinue reading “Arrest report triggers expected torrent of abuse from suspect”

Controversial ‘social media influencer’ arrested and bailed in two force operation

In a brief statement released by Lancashire Constabulary (Lancs) on 24th March, 2023, it was confirmed that ‘a 53 year old man from Ormskirk was arrested on suspicion of common assault, harassment and stalking and was bailed, with conditions until June, 2023’. Their spokesperson added: ‘Enquiries are ongoing’. This added to a response to specificContinue reading “Controversial ‘social media influencer’ arrested and bailed in two force operation”

Spitting Image star fined

Lancashire Constabulary has confirmed that a 42-year-old male from London has been fined for an offence that can carry up to a £500 penalty A star of the satirical puppet show, Spitting Image, has been punished after he published a film clip of himself whilst not wearing a seatbelt in a moving vehicle. Dishy RishiContinue reading “Spitting Image star fined”