‘Cover-up’ council puts up the shutters yet again

A local council that repeatedly, and falsely, claims to be open and transparent has been caught out, yet again, in a familiar sequence of ineptitude, poor decision-making, deception and cover-up. As is often the case, what started out as a relatively minor matter escalates out of all proportion simply because very highly paid senior officersContinue reading “‘Cover-up’ council puts up the shutters yet again”

‘Scared of his own shadow’

A number of leading politicians and influencers in the town have, it seems, finally lost patience with a top lawyer charged with protecting their interests and, more crucially, those of the taxpayers who fund his generous remuneration package. Paul Entwistle, Borough Solicitor for many years at Oldham Council, is facing increasing pressure to leave theContinue reading “‘Scared of his own shadow’”

Bluff called over ‘bullyboy tactics’

A minor dispute between councillors of different political persuasion has now, it appears, escalated almost out of control. Two Liberal Democrat councillors who sit on Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council, Cllrs Louie Hamblett and Mark Kenyon, raised issues against a senior Labour Party colleague, Dr Zahid Chauhan MBE, over the declaration of a conflict of interestContinue reading “Bluff called over ‘bullyboy tactics’”

Will ‘Boots’ toe the line over doctor’s proposed remedy?

The controversial outfall from a story first broken on Neil Wilby Media on 16th November, 2022 continues to spread far and wide. The article can be read in full here but, in essence, it was two Liberal Democrat councillors who sit on Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council (OMBC) complaining about a senior Labour councillor and allegedContinue reading “Will ‘Boots’ toe the line over doctor’s proposed remedy?”

Doctor loses patience over ‘smear’ campaign

On Monday 21st November, 2022 it was exclusively revealed, here on Neil Wilby Media, that lawyers acting for an Oldham general practitioner (GP) had issued letters warning of legal action to a Liberal Democrat councillor and one of the town’s two newspapers (read the article here). This followed the issue of a press release byContinue reading “Doctor loses patience over ‘smear’ campaign”

What happens if a council goes bankrupt?

This article is reproduced, with minor local amendments, from a publication earlier this week in the House of Commons Library, Full and unreserved credit is given both to them and its author, Mark Sandford, by Neil Wilby Media. In the run-up to the Government’s Autumn Statement, two local authorities, Kent and Hampshire county councils, wroteContinue reading “What happens if a council goes bankrupt?”

‘Malicious Beggar’ ups the ante

One of the most unedifying, and repeating, sights across the political spectrum in Oldham, a famous and once prosperous East Lancashire mill town, is the world view of an unemployed conspiracy theorist from neighbouring Tameside – and his propensity to shamelessly leech money from his diminishing, cultish support group. A despairing collection of human tragedy,Continue reading “‘Malicious Beggar’ ups the ante”

Disgraced hyper-local Party let themselves down yet again

On this Neil Wilby Media website there are hundreds of stories that concern the more complex end of the crime and disaster spectrum; serious journalism on the most sombre of topics. Amongst all that, there are probably a dozen or so articles that feature a controversial political party that operates out of a north-east suburbContinue reading “Disgraced hyper-local Party let themselves down yet again”

Will chequered history finally end in election victory next May?

Following the publication of a report on this Neil Wilby Media website about a wealthy local businessman who almost pulled off an almighty shock in an Oldham Council by-election last week (read the article in full here), it has emerged that Kamran Ghafoor was in serious dispute with bosses at that same local authority tenContinue reading “Will chequered history finally end in election victory next May?”

Labour only just survive by-election shocker

If political turmoil is what rocks your boat then Oldham is definitely one of the places to be in the United Kingdom. In monsoon-like weather, a Borough Council by-election was fought out between five candidates in what was expected to be a routine victory in a Labour safe seat; held in the Hollinwood ward forContinue reading “Labour only just survive by-election shocker”