Conservatives attack £1 million community sport grant

A minority of Conservative councillors, Cllr Dave Arnott, Cllr Bethany Sharp, Cllr Lewis Quigg and Cllr Chris McManus has broken ranks and written to the chief executive of Oldham Metropolitan Borough raising concerns over a £1 million pound community sport grant that will see the town’s two professional football and rugby league teams, the LaticsContinue reading “Conservatives attack £1 million community sport grant”

LibDems slow to accept doctor’s remedy after failing ‘smear’ test

An excursion from local politics into forensic accounting by two Oldham councillors has had dire consequences that no-one could possibly have foreseen. The press release that followed what, taken at its face, was a diligent, well-founded investigation by Liberal Democrats, Cllr Louie Hamblett and Cllr Mark Kenyon, resulted in legal action not only being takenContinue reading “LibDems slow to accept doctor’s remedy after failing ‘smear’ test”

Will new powers restrain wealthy and powerful from intimidating journalists?

As a Branch committee member of the National Union of Journalists (NUJ) in Leeds and West Yorkshire, the vexed issue, or ever-present spectre, of oppressive litigation against The Fourth Estate looms large, writes Neil Wilby. As an investigative journalist, I am part of a caucus most vulnerable to such attack. By the nature of ourContinue reading “Will new powers restrain wealthy and powerful from intimidating journalists?”

Warm tributes paid to retiring public service ‘legend’

It has been another tough municipal year in the troubled history of Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council but the final Full Council meeting of 2022/23 was lit up by the warm tributes paid to stalwart public servant and Labour Party politician, Cllr Riaz Ahmad. Riaz was first elected to the Council in 1992 and has servedContinue reading “Warm tributes paid to retiring public service ‘legend’”

No Government intervention at troubled council as Tory motion heavily defeated

As safely and exclusively predicted on Neil Wilby Media last week, a Conservative Party motion at Full Council failed to persuade their fellow elected Members that the running of Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council by an ‘out of depth’ administration warranted intervention by the Prime Minister and the Secretary of State for Levelling Up, Housing andContinue reading “No Government intervention at troubled council as Tory motion heavily defeated”

To the bitter end?

One of the few joys of court reporting is early access to what are known as the pleadings in civil litigation: The claimant’s claim form, statement and/or particulars of the claim and the defendant’s statement of grounds of defence. More so, if one or more of the parties to the litigation is well known, theContinue reading “To the bitter end?”

Recusant Nine compendium

To aid readers of this Neil Wilby Media website a compendium of populist tropes, words and expressions trotted out by an unemployed, samosa-nibbling former Tandoori takeaway worker from Mossley in Greater Manchester has been assembled. Bradford-born Raja Miah, 49, is the Region’s most notorious conspiracy theorist, running frequently banned social media platforms under the RecusantContinue reading “Recusant Nine compendium”

Controversial Tory councillor back in the headlines again

It’s been quite a year for Robert John Fairbank Barnes. Born, brought up, educated and spending his entire career in Leeds, working for the City Council, before retiring in 2021. Twelve months ago, he was campaigning to be elected to Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council in their Chadderton South ward. A perennial failure, he had previouslyContinue reading “Controversial Tory councillor back in the headlines again”

Doubling down on defamation

A notorious, unemployed, Tameside-based conspiracy theorist appears determined to press the self-destruct button. Already on separate police and court conditional bail over communications and harassment allegations, Raja Miah, 49, of Stamford Street, Mossley, faces, on his own admission, losing his home over a defamation claim made against him recently by Dr Zahid Chauhan OBE, aContinue reading “Doubling down on defamation”

Past Mayor of Oldham wins libel and harassment claim against former councillor colleague.

An attritional case, covered exclusively on Neil Wilby Media almost since its inception, has reached its legal conclusion, barring mishaps over payment of costs and damages by the unsuccessful party. Cllr Riaz Ahmad, who won a claim for libel and harassment against Khazir Rehman in 2022, has now been awarded the costs of the action,Continue reading “Past Mayor of Oldham wins libel and harassment claim against former councillor colleague.”