‘Missing’ Tory set to re-appear at next Full Council meeting?

A Conservative Party councillor who has been ‘missing’ for weeks (read more here) may well re-appear at the next Full meeting of Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council, scheduled for 2nd November, 2022. At a meeting of the Council’s Standards Committee on Thursday 20th October, 2022 it is understood, from several well placed sources, that Cllr RobertContinue reading “‘Missing’ Tory set to re-appear at next Full Council meeting?”

GMP join partners in fighting child exploitation in Oldham

Greater Manchester Police has today issued an update in the ongoing battle against child sexual exploitation in the Region and, in particular, in an operational district – Oldham Metropolitan Borough – that has hit the headlines on this sensitive and emotive subject over the past few years. Oldham’s Complex Safeguarding Unit fights, prevents, and reducesContinue reading “GMP join partners in fighting child exploitation in Oldham”

Tories head for acrimonious split

The present shenanigans in the Conservative Party at Parliamentary level are, of course, very well rehearsed on network television, the national press and on social media. Less well known is the discontent and, at times, raw acrimony between Tory elected Members who sit on Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council. This has been alluded to on aContinue reading “Tories head for acrimonious split”

Two year journey nears end of the road

An invitation from a well-known police whistleblower to look into what he claimed was serious police and council wrongdoing in the famous old East Lancashire mill town of Oldham first came in or around October, 2019, writes Neil Wilby.  Peter Jackson, a retired detective chief inspector popularly known as ‘Jacko’, and I, had worked successfullyContinue reading “Two year journey nears end of the road”

To the bitter end

A long-running, bitterly fought legal battle is set to reach a conclusion at the Royal Courts of Justice in London next month, writes Neil Wilby. In a High Court judgment handed down in February, 2022 a Conservative Party activist from Oldham, Greater Manchester was found to have harassed and libelled a long-serving, well known andContinue reading “To the bitter end”

Council’s hands tied over sanction of rape arrest Member

Since the news broke last week regarding the arrest and bailing of a male Oldham councillor over a rape allegation (read more here), there has been wild speculation over both his identity and what the Metropolitan Borough Council may or may not do by way of sanction. The answer, in law, is ‘very little’: Firstly,Continue reading “Council’s hands tied over sanction of rape arrest Member”

LibDems rule themselves out of rape suspicions

With the controversy over the arrest and bailing of an elected Member of Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council over suspicions of rape (read more here and here) growing ever louder, the Political Secretary of the local Liberal Democrat Group, Cllr Mark Kenyon, has released the following statement: “As a result of information published in the localContinue reading “LibDems rule themselves out of rape suspicions”

Speculation over alleged rape councillor reaches fever pitch

Early yesterday a short, but pointed, piece concerning the recent arrest and bail of a local councillor over rape allegations was published elsewhere on Neil Wilby Media (read here). At that time, dialogue with both the press offices of Greater Manchester Police and Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council was ongoing. By a different route to theContinue reading “Speculation over alleged rape councillor reaches fever pitch”

Oldham councillor arrested and bailed over rape allegations

A post appeared on the Manchester Evening News website yesterday evening with broadly the same headline. But it is not a story I would have run, writes Neil Wilby, even though I’m adjacent to much the same facts and, like the MEN reporter, whom I admire and respect greatly, know the name of the subjectContinue reading “Oldham councillor arrested and bailed over rape allegations”

Lower than a snake’s belly

Even allowing for the fact that unemployed, Tameside-based conspiracy theorist, Raja Miah, is, very arguably, the Greater Manchester Region’s most persistent, mendacious liar, and a deeply unpleasant individual whose ready resort to violent fantasies and mindless smearing of those with whom he has an axe to grind, the output from his frequently banned Recusant NineContinue reading “Lower than a snake’s belly”