Notorious burglar shamed by financial regulator

Due to the vigilance of a whistleblower, codenamed ‘SM’ (mentioned here to acknowledge his/her contribution) it has been drawn to the attention of the author of this article, Neil Wilby, that Oldham’s most notorious and prolific convicted burglar, Garry Dunkerley, has, potentially, landed himself in more hot water this week: On 27th May, 2022, theContinue reading “Notorious burglar shamed by financial regulator”

He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother

On 5th March, 2015 at Bradford Crown Court, Ralph John Christie was sentenced to seven years in prison at the end of a trial lasting almost eight weeks. He had been found guilty on five counts of fraud by false representation relating to property business dealing on the Greek island of Crete (read more here).Continue reading “He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother”

Select Committee pulls no punches over flawed police complaints system

The powerful Home Affairs Select Committee has issued strongly worded findings today (1st March, 2022) into how complaints against police officers are handled. This inquiry was set up to examine the role and remit of the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) in relation to the police complaints and discipline system. The Committee considered howContinue reading “Select Committee pulls no punches over flawed police complaints system”

‘Another quite extraordinary tale of sustained, institutional and outrageous police corruption’

This is an article first written for the police whistleblowers’ website, uPSD WYP in January, 2013. It stands the test of time, given all that has been revealed about widespread and sustained police corruption across the entire police service, since. Now refreshed and updated in February, 2022 to incorporate links to other cases and events.Continue reading “‘Another quite extraordinary tale of sustained, institutional and outrageous police corruption’”

Tainted murder investigation another stain on troubled force

On 3rd May, 1997, a seven year old boy, Joe McCafferty, died in a horrific arson attack on his aunt’s home in Huddersfield. He was sleeping over, along with his brother, Nicky, at Debra McCafferty’s house in Heywood Avenue, Marsh, whilst his mother was working away from the area. A murder investigation was launched immediately,Continue reading “Tainted murder investigation another stain on troubled force”

Leeds police officer to face court over child sex abuse allegations

  A 20 year old West Yorkshire Police officer, stationed in their Leeds District, has been charged with at least three child sexual abuse offences. PC Alan Dudzinski was arrested in May, 2021 and has been suspended from police duties since, the force said. The charges relate to the making of indecent images of childrenContinue reading “Leeds police officer to face court over child sex abuse allegations”

‘You f*****g Pakis think you own the country’ says WYP officer

This was one of the very first articles that Neil Wilby wrote for the police whistleblowers’ website, uPSDWYP, back in 2012. There has been much water under the bridge since then but this piece has been reprised as, earlier this week, an Employment Tribunal judge found that racism in the ranks of West Yorkshire PoliceContinue reading “‘You f*****g Pakis think you own the country’ says WYP officer”

Political correctness leaves Asian females vulnerable

This is a piece first written by Neil Wilby for the police whistleblowers’ website, uPSDWYP, almost nine years ago. The log shows that it was last updated on 13th May, 2013 and carried the headline ‘Case Study – Vulnerable Asian Females’. It is still highly relevant, given all that has happened since in the cityContinue reading “Political correctness leaves Asian females vulnerable”

Racism problems persist in troubled police force

It is just over three years since I attended what was listed as the first day of an Employment Tribunal (ET) hearing in Leeds, writes Neil Wilby. In the event, it was a wasted journey as, contrary to the information provided from the tribunal office, it was set aside as a ‘reading day’ for theContinue reading “Racism problems persist in troubled police force”

‘My head’s a shed’

It is now more than twenty four years since a seven year old boy was murdered in a horrific arson attack in Marsh, Huddersfield. Believed to be the longest running unsolved child murder investigation in the country. Joe McCafferty died whilst enjoying a sleepover at his aunt’s home in Haywood Avenue at the start ofContinue reading “‘My head’s a shed’”