Controversial ‘vigilante group’ set for Town Hall showdown

One of the hottest current topics, in a notoriously racist town north east of Manchester, is a neighbourhood group described in the city’s evening newspaper as ‘vigilantes’. (read more here). Failsworth Street Patrol (FSP), founded around eighteen months ago and run by local man, Paul Wadsworth, purports to keep the streets safe by sending outContinue reading “Controversial ‘vigilante group’ set for Town Hall showdown”

Puffs of white smoke slow to rise

Much has been written both on this website and elsewhere in the media about a disgraced hyper-local political party that sprung up in early 2019 in a suburb to the north east of Manchester, writes Neil Wilby. The latest article about the Failsworth Independent Party (FIP) was published as recently as Friday 25th February whereContinue reading “Puffs of white smoke slow to rise”

The square root of nothing

With one of the country’s most notorious hyper-local political parties due to have its annual members’ conference this weekend, it is an appropriate moment to chart the progress of the Failsworth Independent Party (FIP) since its inception in 2019 and review its achievements. A couple of weeks ago, the town’s fastest growing, and most discussed,Continue reading “The square root of nothing”