Oldham Council belatedly reveal local election candidates

Whenever someone uses the age old phrase ‘Couldn’t run a p*ss-up in a brewery’ the mind, these days, turns almost automatically to Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council‘s senior executive team. Where simple, basic standards of performance, or the requisite ethical and professional standards to guide them, appear almost completely absent. The latest farrago to draw criticismContinue reading “Oldham Council belatedly reveal local election candidates”

Muslim councillor will attend Oldham Pride following ‘hate crime’ leaflet apologies

An exclusive published yesterday on Neil Wilby Media has had unexpected consequences for a sitting Oldham councillor and a law graduate running mate in the forthcoming ‘all-out’ local elections (read in full here). The distribution of a leaflet by independent candidates Cllr Aftab Hussain and Aisha Kouser, as part of their campaigning in the StContinue reading “Muslim councillor will attend Oldham Pride following ‘hate crime’ leaflet apologies”

The Dawn of Reality

It’s been a long time coming, but the reality of his persistent, mendacious lying and money-grubbing conspiracy theorising has finally dawned on Raja Miah, a 49 year old unemployed resident in the upmarket Tameside village of Mossley. In a post on his thoroughly disgraced, frequently banned Recusant Nine Facebook page he admits facing the prospectContinue reading “The Dawn of Reality”

Last razzle for The Rabble?

A night to remember for the Greater Manchester Region’s most unpleasant group of on-line stalkers and trolls, known as The Rabble (or Raja’s Rabble), as they ‘celebrated’ their collective, bone-headed dimwittery and being repeatedly ripped off by their cult leader, Raja Miah and his associates. Ironically, the venue chosen for the £25 per head eventContinue reading “Last razzle for The Rabble?”

Absent of evidence

Tameside’s best known political agitator, Raja Miah, suffered a further blow this week with yet more social media bans, writes Neil Wilby. Two of his weekly broadcasts on the ‘Recusant Nine’ YouTube channel, purporting to cover political issues in the neighbouring Borough of Oldham, were removed after both were found to contain defamatory material. AnContinue reading “Absent of evidence”

Barking up the wrong tree

In November last year, writes Neil Wilby, an article was published on this website that charted the course of what is now a year long journalistic investigation into alleged serious wrongdoing by police, MPs and local councillors in Oldham, a large Pennine town on the eastern edge of the Greater Manchester region (read in fullContinue reading “Barking up the wrong tree”

An exercise in futility

This is the seventh article I have written since I first became involved in a journalistic scrutiny of the local council, and the police, in Oldham. A large Borough that forms part of the Greater Manchester region and incorporates a sizeable chunk of the old West Riding of Yorkshire (writes Neil Wilby). The fifth wasContinue reading “An exercise in futility”