Last razzle for The Rabble?

Raja's Rabble at Grand Million

A night to remember for the Greater Manchester Region’s most unpleasant group of on-line stalkers and trolls, known as The Rabble (or Raja’s Rabble), as they ‘celebrated’ their collective, bone-headed dimwittery and being repeatedly ripped off by their cult leader, Raja Miah and his associates.

Ironically, the venue chosen for the £25 per head event was ‘The Grand Million’ in Chadderton.

Bradford-born Miah, a notorious, unemployed, Tameside-based conspiracy theorist, has leeched tens of thousands of pounds over the past three years from his supporters, many of whom are, variously; elderly, vulnerable, disabled, mentally ill, gullible or delusional. More than one ticks every box.

Incredible though it may seem, a substantial number of The Rabble are on State benefits in one form or another. Fifteen of whom are, astonishingly, paying £50 per month to Raja Miah, now widely known as ‘The Malicious Beggar’ (or simply The Beggar’). Others are paying between £3 and £10 a month.

Equally incredibly, Miah’s long-term mentor, financial adviser and business partner, Mohammad Mohib Uddin (bottom left in the picture), is a senior tax inspector with His Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (read more here).

These subscribers, for their money, get to listen to, or read about, a narcissistic, egotistical sociopath who has earned himself, quite rightly, the unchallenged reputation of Greater Manchester’s most persistent and mendacious liar. As a result, his various social media platforms, styled as Recusant Nine, frequently has material removed or face bans, the lengthiest of which was five weeks. Mo Uddin, arguably Oldham’s best known Liberal Democrat politician, along with several other Rabble leading lights, do not pay any money to Miah themselves but, by putting their name to ‘the cause’, they encourage others much less well off to do so.

From his own reports on Recusant Nine, the exiled Yorkshireman has conceded that The Rabble constitutes just 190 members, the majority of whom do not live in Oldham, a town to which they fake affinity with their ‘my town’ and ‘our town’ proclamations. Substantial numbers hail from the satellite towns of Chadderton, Failsworth, Royton, Shaw and Saddleworth. Miah himself lives in Mossley and has done since 2004 when he scuttled out of Oldham as soon as he could afford to do so.

But 2023 could well be the last hurrah for Raja Miah as he continues to struggle desperately for credible source material to continue to feed the Rabble frenzy and, most importantly to him, keep the money rolling in.

Hampered by his frequent social media bans and removal of his broadcasts and posts, he faces at least one defamation claim and a criminal trial in February 2023 at which he will deny a harassment charge. There is also the distinct possibility of a further arrest as the Crown Prosecution Service presently mull over another harassment charging decision.

With legal bills estimated at £25,000, and rising, out of all these civil and criminal proceedings, the monotonous appeals for yet more money from The Rabble will grow louder and longer. But, as with most other falsely-founded funding schemes, the bubble will eventually burst. The burden of funding Raja Miah’s lawyers, on the few remaining Rabble members, will simply become too overwhelming.

At which the 237,433 residents of Oldham Metropolitan Borough, who are not attached to either The Rabble or Raja Miah’s divisive, hate-filled narrative, will breathe a collective sigh of relief. The town’s reputation, not entirely squeaky clean to begin with, has suffered greatly as a result of The Beggar’s three year campaign.

At least until the next Uddin/Miah money making scheme is plotted and executed. Perhaps along the more lucrative lines of their free schools enterprise, from which upwards of £3 million still remains unaccounted?

Screenshot 2021-03-07 at 10.03.39

The HMRC press office has been approached for comment regarding Mohib Uddin’s association with Raja Miah and their collective involvement in these money-grubbing schemes.

UPDATE: Since this article was published contact was received from a prominent and well respected Liberal Democrat councillor in Oldham with a request to publish this statement:

“Mohib Uddin, is enthusiastically shunned by his former LibDem colleagues, the vast majority of whom are embarrassed and consternated by his continued membership of our Party”.

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