Recusant Nine compendium

To aid readers of this Neil Wilby Media website a compendium of populist tropes, words and expressions trotted out by an unemployed, samosa-nibbling former Tandoori takeaway worker from Mossley in Greater Manchester has been assembled. Bradford-born Raja Miah, 49, is the Region’s most notorious conspiracy theorist, running frequently banned social media platforms under the RecusantContinue reading “Recusant Nine compendium”

Local councillors put down motion calling for Government intervention in Oldham

Unlike the Christmas card snow presently falling in Oldham, there is never a dull moment across the Borough’s political landscape, writes Neil Wilby. Never far away from controversy are the nine (or maybe eight?) councillors who represent the Conservative Party on the local council. One of their number, Cllr Robert Barnes, is said to be facingContinue reading “Local councillors put down motion calling for Government intervention in Oldham”

Doubling down on defamation

A notorious, unemployed, Tameside-based conspiracy theorist appears determined to press the self-destruct button. Already on separate police and court conditional bail over communications and harassment allegations, Raja Miah, 49, of Stamford Street, Mossley, faces, on his own admission, losing his home over a defamation claim made against him recently by Dr Zahid Chauhan OBE, aContinue reading “Doubling down on defamation”

Local Tories press self-destruct button again

Following another shameful, witless, heartless performance by their Party in Oldham Council’s Budget Meeting earlier this week (1st March, 2023) the author of this article, Neil Wilby, asked his assistant to check the Oldham Conservatives Facebook page for any useful background for another Neil Wilby Media article that is at the planning stage. The FacebookContinue reading “Local Tories press self-destruct button again”

Council chamber bottle thrower spared return to prison

A prominent member of a group of political axe-grinders and malcontents, whom self-style as The Rabble (or Raja’s Rabble), has avoided a second spell in prison. Last Friday (17th February, 2023), Gary Leese, 59, of Kandel Place, Whitworth, a dedicated follower of a notorious unemployed, Tameside-based conspiracy theorist, Raja Miah, 49, pleaded guilty to aContinue reading “Council chamber bottle thrower spared return to prison”

Never rains but it pours

Problems continue to pile up for a notorious, unemployed Tameside-based conspiracy theorist as all the indications are that he is currently serving bans handed down by social media giants, Facebook and YouTube. Upon whom he depends heavily for income streams. Bradford-born Raja Miah, 49, out of work since 2017 until a recent, but brief, spellContinue reading “Never rains but it pours”

Trial of council chamber bottle thrower set to open today

A man captured on film throwing a water bottle from the public gallery into Oldham Council’s civic chamber is due to face trial at Tameside Magistrates’ Court later this morning. Gary Leese, 59, of Kandel Place, Whitworth is charged with common assault. The bottle struck a senior paid officer who was observing the council meetingContinue reading “Trial of council chamber bottle thrower set to open today”

Will jumping gun lead to Electoral Commission probe?

If the present Government manages to see out its full term, Parliament will dissolve on Tuesday 17th December, 2024. Five years after it first met. Every general election since 1935 has been held on a Thursday and, accordingly, it seems certain that the one that would follow such a dissolution would then be held onContinue reading “Will jumping gun lead to Electoral Commission probe?”

‘I’m going to be an MP’ says unemployed former Tandoori takeaway worker

A notorious Tameside-based conspiracy theorist, who has held down only one job since 2017, a temporary gig working in an Indian takeaway in Middleton, Greater Manchester on a zero hours contract (read more here), has signalled his intention to stand in the General Election in 2024. Bradford-born Raja Miah dramatically and exclusively announced to his small,Continue reading “‘I’m going to be an MP’ says unemployed former Tandoori takeaway worker”

Notorious Tameside conspiracy theorist arrested again

Following an enquiry about an arrest made in Tameside on Thursday 9th February, 2023, Greater Manchester Police has confirmed a short time ago that “a man in his 40s was arrested on suspicion of malicious communications and has since been released on conditional bail. Enquiries are ongoing”. Raja Miah, 49, unemployed and whose address has beenContinue reading “Notorious Tameside conspiracy theorist arrested again”