The Dawn of Reality

It’s been a long time coming, but the reality of his persistent, mendacious lying and money-grubbing conspiracy theorising has finally dawned on Raja Miah, a 49 year old unemployed resident in the upmarket Tameside village of Mossley. In a post on his thoroughly disgraced, frequently banned Recusant Nine Facebook page he admits facing the prospectContinue reading “The Dawn of Reality”

Conspiracy theorist rages over ‘snooping’ by ‘tyrannical’ council

In a familiar vacillation between his well rehearsed saviour and victim complexes, an unemployed, Bradford-born conspiracy theorist claims that the viewing of an almost entirely misleading social media profile, by a Council employee and presumably in his own time, constitutes ‘snooping’. Short of anything meaningful to report to the 190 or so ‘supporters’ of hisContinue reading “Conspiracy theorist rages over ‘snooping’ by ‘tyrannical’ council”