Conspiracy theorist rages over ‘snooping’ by ‘tyrannical’ council

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In a familiar vacillation between his well rehearsed saviour and victim complexes, an unemployed, Bradford-born conspiracy theorist claims that the viewing of an almost entirely misleading social media profile, by a Council employee and presumably in his own time, constitutes ‘snooping’.

Short of anything meaningful to report to the 190 or so ‘supporters’ of his Recusant Nine Facebook page, whom appositely self-style as The Rabble, from his swish lair in the upmarket commuter village of Mossley, Tameside, he makes the ludicrous claim that looking at his entry on the renowned business site, LinkedIn amounts to ‘targeting’ and ‘illegality’.

“I’ve previously shared with you all details of how the proven Pakistani Rape gang protectors at Greater Manchester Police and Oldham Council have been monitoring my social media posts and targeting individuals that like or comment on my content. Be in no doubt that a day will come when the illegality of what these people have done will be investigated by a power higher than these two corrupt organisations.

“Any one that values democracy with no desire to live in the 21st century equivalent of a Stasi run tyranny should not underestimate just what these people have attempted and why their actions should not go unchallenged. That thousands of you have defied them only shows that as each day passes, more and more of you refuse to remain fearful of their attempts to harass and intimidate you. Objecting to the cover up of the gang rape of our town’s children does not make any of us criminals”.

Setting aside the usual hyperbolic and evidence free claims of ‘rape gang protectors’, and including the transformation of The Rabble, a small, diminishing, largely lunatic group of malcontents and axe-grinders, which also includes a number of convicted criminals, into a thousands-strong group of purists, what his latest post on Facebook does provide is an opportunity to expose Miah, yet again, as a money-leeching master of deception and fantasy.

A short ramble through his LinkedIn profile tells a fellow platform user or, to a more limited degree, any interested member of the public, reveals the following:

– He has just 288 business connections to show for a career of around 30 years before the collapse of his latest business enterprise in or around 2017. A surprisingly low number for one whose own view of his abilities and experience is so very grand. For example, to give that number perspective, the author of this article, Neil Wilby, has over 1,500 connections (read here).

– The only employment to which 49yo refers to on LinkedIn is as a Board member of Cities of Hope Ltd. This company, which Raja Miah joined in 2016, was struck off the Companies House register in January, 2018. He falsely claims that he joined the company in 2015. He has, palpably, been unemployed (and, very probably, unemployable) ever since.

– His self-styled LinkedIn biography reads: “Specialist in conflict management, conflict resolution and conflict transformation. One time strategist in radicalisation, counter extremism and counter terrorism. Now back serving the children of childhood friends in the small town I left behind. Champion of social mobility and the importance of education in achieving this”. This paragraph will come as a shock to most as there is simply no evidence, whatsoever, in the public domain that Raja Miah can manage, resolve or transform a conflict. He can create a conflict standing on his head, that’s for sure, and it is for that very purpose he created his frequently banned, hateful, racially-divisive Recusant Nine platforms and, perhaps, an explanation as to why he is, latterly, one of the best known faces on the criminal court circuit around his home Region (read more here).

– Miah also, on an almost daily basis, claims affinity with Oldham with ad nauseum references to ‘my town’ and/or ‘our town’. Even though he has lived in Tameside since 2004 and, in a less guarded moment, has no qualms about describing Oldham as ‘the small town he left behind’ as soon as he could afford to move away.

– The reference to ‘education and serving the children of childhood friends’ is a nod to the disastrously failed free schools he founded and ran from 2013 until 2017. Any other reference to Manchester Creative Studio or Collective Free Spirit, as the schools were called, has been purged from LinkedIn. Apart from grotesque safeguarding failures (read more here), Miah has yet to explain where upwards of £3 million siphoned from those schools currently rests. An investigation by Schoolsweek revealed that well over £2 million ended up either in Raja Miah’s own bank accounts or in those of companies in which he had a significant stake.

– Similarly, two charities that Miah ran between 2002 and 2012 ended in financial ruin, after £millions of Government funding had been expended, but LinkedIn bears no reference to his employment and key roles with either Peacemaker or RISE. Or the fact that, on the equivalent of a middle ranking civil servant’s salary, Miah ran a succession of supercars and superbikes and built up an enviable business and property portfolio.

– In one LinkedIn post from over a year ago, Miah says: “Some people ask me where I’ve been for the last 3 years. I’ve been back in Oldham. It’s been interesting”. Which is, of course, one certain lie and likely another. He is still living in Mossley and it is from there that his Recusant Nine output is broadcast. The possibility that anyone would be remotely interested in what an unemployed money-grubbing shyster would be doing is, as Raja says, ‘interesting’.

– In another LinkedIn post, a series of articles under the ‘Black Banners Rising’ mantle was promised. But, like just about everything else he touches, it fizzled out into nothing, unless, of course, they are posted well away from public gaze. Which, one might very fairly say, rather defeats the point.

The latest Miah Facebook rant concludes with this nonsensical diatribe:

“I’m not sure who Jakir Hussain is or what an Intelligence and Data Analyst’s role in [Council Leader] Amanda Chadderton’s rotten Labour Party run Oldham Council does. What I do know is instead of snooping on my LinkedIn profile, he should just give me a call. I’ll pop by the Civic Centre and even take some samosas with me.

“Just when will these people realise? It’s all over for them. There is no going back for this town. We all now know the truth of what they have done. A reckoning is coming”.

Raja conveniently forgets to mention that he is the holder of an Anti-Social Behaviour Injunction (ASBI) warning letter (as are no less than eleven of his Rabble) which prevents him attending Oldham Civic Centre for a period of twelve months from its issue (read more here).

It would also have taken him less than two minutes on the very same LinkedIn social media platform to find out who Jakir Hussain is – and avail himself of the very lengthy list of accomplishments attached to the Council employee’s profile: Bi-lingual, a university degree, a master’s degree, certification in ethical research, effective listening and safeguarding young people, plus membership of two professional bodies. Jakir also has 500+ professional LinkedIn connections.

A call, or an email, to Oldham Council would have revealed that Intelligence and Data Analysts, unsurprisingly, gather data and analyse it, enabling the Council’s decision makers to use that output and respond efficiently and effectively. For example, during the Covid pandemic they would be the ones crunching the case numbers. During the cost of living crisis they’re dealing with data relating to that issue, looking at census figures and the like. Most of the Analysts are deployed in the Central Policy and Performance Team but a small number do work in different Directorates.

As for ‘the truth’, Miah wouldn’t know if it slapped him around the head: He is well known as Greater Manchester’s most persistent and mendacious liar. A conclusion merely underscored by the findings of this latest article – and one that the highly litigious Raja has signally failed to challenge, either in public debate (read more here) or via the High Court over the past eighteen months.

There are also several reckonings coming his own way shortly; not least a criminal trial in February, 2023 at which he faces a charge of harassing a 40yo female lawyer (read more here) and a defamation claim brought by nationally known health campaigner, Dr Zahid Chauhan OBE (read more here). Miah denies wrongdoing in both cases.

UPDATE: Since this article was first published it has emerged that Raja Miah is listed as sole remaining Director of a company called School Supply Ltd. Companies House report that the filing of accounts for the period ended 30th June, 2021 are 9 months overdue. A Google search throws up a defeat at an employment tribunal in Manchester in August 2019 when the company was ordered to pay £2,448 unpaid wages to a former employee.

A document signed by Raja Miah, dated 20th June, 2021, was the last time any filing was made at Companies House by School Supply Ltd. They included accounts of a ‘dormant company’ made up to 30th June, 2020, which were 3 months overdue at that point, showing £100 in share capital and no debtors or creditors.

The mystery deepens as that trading period included the date in which the debt to the former employee was ordered to be paid by the tribunal.

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