Notorious conspiracy theorist continues tour of His Majesty’s court and tribunal estate

Wigan and Leigh Magistrates Court

On Tuesday 20th December, 2022, in court 8 at Wigan and Leigh Magistrates’ Court, Raja Miah, 49, is listed as defendant in proceedings in which he is alleged to have harassed a 40yo lawyer from the Salford area of Greater Manchester. She was granted anonymity at an earlier hearing.

A trial listed for 2nd and 3rd February, 2023 will hear that he is alleged to have made social media posts that he would have known would cause distress.

Miah, an unemployed conspiracy theorist from Mossley, Tameside denies the charge and remains on conditional court bail. Which includes not making direct or indirect contact with the complainant.

This will be his first appearance in Wigan, but he has previously appeared in these same criminal proceedings, as defendant, at Tameside Magistrates’ Court three times and on another three occasions at Manchester and Salford Magistrates’ Court.

The substantive trial should have taken place on 17th August, 2022, in Manchester, but Miah applied for, and was granted, an adjournment in order to arrange legal representation. He had parted company with Tuckers Solicitors a short time before over what he claims was ‘a conflict of interest’.

Miah, via his Recusant Nine social media platforms, has informed his audiences that the latest case management hearing is connected with what he describes as ‘an entertaining email from the CPS’. From the outset, he has provided a running commentary on a case which he maintains, both inside and beyond the courtrooms, is ‘politically motivated’.

He has exhorted his supporters, whom appositely self-style as ‘The Rabble‘, to attend next Tuesday. They have a regrettable history of intimidating journalists, a witness and anyone else who might hold an opinion different to their own cultish views.

As complainant in a breach of restraining order case, Miah has also appeared twice at Tameside Magistrates Court since July, 2022. At the third, and most recent case management hearing, he did attend. A trial is fixed to be heard in May, 2023.

Just over a year ago, Raja Miah appeared as appellant in a First Tier Tribunal (Information Rights) hearing before Judge Stephen Cragg QC (now KC) where he challenged Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council’s refusal to provide responses to six freedom of information requests, relying on an exemption that characterised the requests as ‘vexatious’. The Information Commissioner’s Office had supported the Council’s decision and were respondent in those proceedings. Miah claimed, amongst other reasons, that they were refused because of his ethnic background (read here).

In a post on the Recusant Nine Facebook page, shortly before the hearing in Wigan was listed to open, Miah said:

“Mine is a politically motivated arrest. The reasons why are clearly evident to anyone who has followed my work over the last 4+ years. Which is why today, instead of spending the day eating chocolates and watching Christmas movies with my daughter, I find myself keeping secrets from her and heading off to Wigan & Leigh Magistrates Court. It is not lost on me, that if I had just put my head down and looked the other way, I would not have found myself fighting to clear my name.

“I’ll update everyone at the meal this evening (20th December, 2022) as to what happened in Court today. Look forward to seeing as many of you as possible 7pm this evening at the Millon [an upmarket restaurant in Chadderton]”.

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