‘The Rabble’ repeatedly humiliates Raja

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For the second time inside a week, an infamous and cultish group that self-styles as The Rabble (or Raja’s Rabble) has humiliated its Great Leader.

Raja Miah, an unemployed, Tameside-based conspiracy theorist who plies the 190-strong Rabble with a seemingly endless stream of persistent, mendacious, sensationalised untruths in exchange for subscriptions and/or donations to his Recusant Nine social media platforms, has failed to coerce them into sharing his Facebook posts over 100 times as a pre-condition to revealing what he says is ‘career-ending’ information about a local politician.

The Facebook post bears a picture of Cllr Amanda Chadderton, a regular target for abuse since she became Leader of Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council in May, 2022. Particularly, over her notably poor handling of the Council’s response to an independent report published in June, 2022 in response to allegations made first by Miah, over three years ago, that the Oldham Labour Party, in a conspiracy with the Council’s paid officers, the entire Greater Manchester Police force and all their safeguarding partners had covered up child sexual exploitation (CSE) in return for Asian block votes at local and council elections.

The report, following an investigation lasting over two years by two of the country’s leading CSE, experts found no evidence to support those allegations. Miah’s much vaunted ‘dossier of evidence’, that he maintains support his grotesque claims, still remains under wraps. Loud and repeated calls for a further public enquiry were roundly rebuffed by the Home Office, the Conservative Government expressing its unequivocal support for the report and its authors.

Miah first planned to broadcast his ‘career-ending’ revelations on Friday 13th January, 2023 (unlucky for him), but fell a long way short of the 100 share target he imposed on The Rabble.

The previous day Raja had made the extraordinary claim on Facebook that Recusant Nine was followed by all of the opposition councillors in Oldham civic chamber: The Liberal Democrats, the Conservatives, the Failsworth Independent Party and the two independent councillors. Touching on the realms of fantasy, he was expecting some of those elected Members to share his post and reach the 100 target.

But it is important to note that ‘career-ending’ posts and broadcasts are a regular promise from Raja Miah to his deluded, gullible, dimwitted Rabble, but not one single person has ever been removed from their job, or resigned, as a result.

The subject broadcast was re-scheduled for 11.30am on Sunday 15th January, 2023 but The Rabble roundly snubbed him again, despite a late flurry bringing the total number of shares to just over half of the required 100. Over 130 of his supporters just didn’t bother.

So, for now at least, one political career in Oldham is going to last a little longer.

But how much longer Recusant Nine and Raja Miah remain ‘a thing’ in the Borough is another question. Quite apart from crumbling support amongst those closest to him, he faces a two day criminal trial in just over two weeks time at Manchester Magistrates’ Court. He has pleaded not guilty to harassing a 40 year old female lawyer from the Salford area (read more here).

Another harassment complainant is awaiting a decision on a file sent to the Crown Prosecution Service by GMP detectives last month.

Bradford-born Miah is also facing at least one defamation claim (read more here) with another known to be in latter stages of preparation. Social media giant, YouTube, has removed at least 15 of his transmissions from their platform following other defamation complaints (read more here).

It promises to be a busy year for the exiled Yorkshireman with some hefty legal bills to deal with, whilst dealing with a reported drop in income as a disillusioned, increasingly cash-strapped Rabble drift away.

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