Social media giants continue conspiracy theorist purge


Following a report here on Neil Wilby Media on 7th January, 2023 (read in full here) it has emerged that the social media giant, YouTube (owned by the even larger Google), continues to remove the content of Greater Manchester’s most infamous conspiracy theorist from its platform.

Unemployed, Tameside-based Raja Miah, whose perennially disgraced Recusant Nine operation has also been the subject of frequent and lengthy Facebook bans, addressed his 190 followers, whom self-style as The Rabble (or Raja’s Rabble), late on Thursday, 12th January, 2023:

“Good Evening. An update on the ongoing censorship of Recusant Nine videos on YouTube. To confirm, another 2 videos have been blocked for defamation complaints. The first is Sunday night’s ‘Enemies of our People’ which we broadcasted on Facebook (where it is still available). [Those} that viewed the full transmission via Facebook can judge for themselves if I said anything defamatory in the transmission.

“The second to be censored today is a transmission which specifically questioned why the local democracy reporter, CHARLOTTE GREEN, and the OLDHAM TIMES had failed to report on the Oldham connection of those charged in the county lines trafficking of children in a recent Bradford case where 24 men were named. 2 of these were from Oldham. Their names are [name redacted], 39, and [name redacted], 41. This information has been reported in the national news but somehow did not make its way into the local papers. I’ll leave it to you to decide why attempts are being made to keep news from you of a Pakistani Rape Gang in Bradford that has direct links to Oldham.

“It is clear that there are those connected to the highest levels of power in Oldham that are desperately attempting to keep people from listening to the Recusant Nine transmissions. Of course, as of yet, I have not been taken to Court for defamation despite ongoing threats since I first exposed the cover up of the systemic gang rape of the town’s children”.

For the avoidance of doubt, and irrespective of the nonsense he routinely feeds The Rabble, Raja Miah is currently the subject of a defamation pre-action protocol letter issued by a leading firm of lawyers acting for nationally known health campaigner, Dr Zahid Chauhan OBE (read more here).

He is also co-defendant in High Court proceedings brought by another leading figure in the Metropolitan Borough of Oldham, Cllr Riaz Ahmad, who succeeded with a claim for harassment and defamation against Miah’s close friend and political ally, Khazir Rehman (much better known locally as ‘Kaiser’). Raja had the good sense to compromise the Cllr Ahmad claim at an early stage by way of a public apology, removal of offending posts from both the Facebook and YouTube platforms and a donation to charity.

Miah apology to Cllr Riaz Ahmad

Kaiser, also convicted in August, 2021 at Tameside Magistrates’ Court of harassing Dr Chauhan, and still serving a suspended prison sentence, faces costs and damages estimated at £200,000 at a remedy hearing in the Royal Courts of Justice on 14th February, 2023 (read more here).

It is known that at least one other defamation claim against Raja Miah is at an advanced stage of preparation. It would be very surprising indeed, given his permanently offensive and very largely evidence-free, tailored narrative, if there were not others contemplated, at the very least.

Miah’s core, persistent and grotesquely offensive claim of Labour politicians, paid council officers, the police and safeguarding partners all conspiring together to cover up child sexual exploitation (CSE) in Oldham in return for Asian block votes at local and general elections, remains, after over three years of relentless parroting, entirely evidence-free. His famous (or infamous) ‘dossier of evidence’ remains undisclosed to this day (read more here).

An inalienable condition of membership of Raja’s Rabble is that one must not, under any circumstances, ask about evidence behind his very many utterly ludicrous claims and, most particularly, about the ‘dossier’ and CSE conspiracy it is supposed to prove.

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