Business as usual for ‘The Beggar’

Pile of cash pounds

After tugging on the heartstrings – and purse strings – of his cult-like followers for over two months, a notorious unemployed conspiracy theorist from Mossley, Tameside left them hanging yesterday evening (18th December, 2022) over his decision whether or not to quit.

Raja Miah told his supporters, whom appositely self-style as ‘The Rabble’ (or Raja’s Rabble), that his infamous Sunday night transmissions on his various social media channels, styled as ‘Recusant Nine’, will continue in the New Year if they send him more money.

A persistent, brazen, nauseating campaign by ‘The Malicious Beggar’ (or simply ‘The Beggar’), as Miah is now widely known, to leech yet more funds from a suggestible, intellectually challenged support group that comprises far too many elderly, vulnerable, disabled, mentally ill, gullible or delusional constituents, has accompanied his, apparently, empty threat to close down the Recusant Nine platforms.

When the latest fund-raising push began in October, 2022, The Beggar claimed that he needed donations of £2,500 per month (£30,000 per annum) to carry on with Recusant Nine. Much more than the basic pay of a nurse or police officer, for example.

A demand soon abrogated to £2,000 per month. On the day of reckoning, Sunday 18th December, 2022, the golden begging bowl was rattling to the tune of £1,780 per month. A substantial portion coming from the State benefits bestowed on pensioners, the disabled and, of course, those whom, like Miah, are unemployed.

Which, Miah says repeatedly, is not enough to fund a campaign of personal vendettas grounded in persistent, mendacious lies, accompanied by lurid, violent fantasies of murder and mayhem, that has led to frequent social media bans (read here), at least two defamation claims (read here and here), a dawn raid by Greater Manchester Police in July, 2021 and a criminal trial listed for next year (read here).

In August, 2022, he claimed his sole income was from The Rabble amounting to £550 per month (read here), yet he was living in a luxury apartment in an upmarket commuter village, driving a sought-after BMW model and high-powered Kawasaki motorbike – and invariably seen kitted out in designer gear in front of an expensive array of top of the range computer and broadcasting equipment.

Thus, the latest fund-raising campaign has netted him an additional £1,200 per month, in the midst of a cost of living crisis, for what appears to be a pastime that, probably, occupies him for around ten to fifteen hours a week. The rest of the time spent making futile complaints (read more here), appealing social media bans, defending litigation or dealing with criminal matters. Entertainment for which he plainly expects others to pay.

Few, if any, outside of The Rabble echo chamber believed that the arch-narcissist would give up his broadcasting ego trips, his risible ’emergency transmissions’ or the money already swelling his coffers – and so it has proved to be. To all intents and purposes, it’s business as usual for The Beggar.

Not least as he is facing lawyers’ bills estimated to be around £25,000 as his tour of magistrates’ courts in the Greater Manchester Region gathers in another venue on Tuesday 20th December, 2022 (read more here).

In a post on the Recusant Nine Facebook page after the ‘final’ broadcast, Miah said: “Unfortunately, as things stand, this will be the final such transmission as we fell short of our minimal funding target. I’ve left the fundraiser open over Xmas, who knows, we might convince a few more who take value from my work to help fund my work.

“I look forward to sharing a meal with my existing subscribers on Tuesday evening [at a cost to The Rabble of £25 each]. In the meantime, please bear with me whilst I reflect over Xmas and finalise a strategy on what we do next. Sadly, it appears that the transmissions as is have run their course.

“If I was interested in winning a popularity contest then I’d be celebrating how many people last week viewed the videos. I’m not interested in being famous. If I was motivated by money, I’d have taken one of the many bribes offered to me over the last 4+ years. I’d have even taken up the offers by individuals to pay the monthly shortfall. I think it’s clear by now that money is not my motive”.

It is the very first occasion that the subject of bribes has ever been raised by Bradford-born Raja Miah. It is a variation on another equally bizarre claim that certain individuals or groups want to have him murdered.

On the subject of money and motivation, Miah is yet to account for a sum approaching £3 million siphoned off from two free schools he founded and ran as chief executive.

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