‘Malicious Beggar’ laughs off latest social media ban

Miah dreaming of pots of money

An infamous, unemployed, Tameside-based conspiracy theorist, Raja Miah, has been handed the latest in a very long series of social media bans related to his disgraced Recusant Nine (R9) platforms.

YouTube has blocked, in the UK only, what was a two hour ‘live transmission’ broadcast privately to his subscribers on 5th December, 2022, following what Miah says is ‘a defamation complaint’.

Miah says about the ban on his R9 Facebook page: “I can only imagine it to have been one of two things. No bother, I’ll just upload the various sections up onto Facebook. And there I thought no one read or viewed my content. 😂

He is currently in receipt of a defamation warning letter from lawyers acting for Dr Zahid Chauhan OBE, an Oldham councillor, Deputy Mayor and nationally known health campaigner and charity organiser. It is not known at this stage if the very recent action of YouTube is connected (read more here).

Miah is also expecting a broadcast scheduled for 7.30pm this evening (Thursday 8th December, 2022) and described as a ‘webinar’ to be removed: “This transmission is genuinely 4yrs+ in the making. Hopefully see as many of you as possible. Best viewed live as these people will 100% try and have my transmission removed once it has been broadcast. That’s if they don’t have me arrested beforehand”.

‘These people’ and ‘they’, presumably, refers to those whom Miah routinely smears and defames on the R9 platform. Which includes, notably, the present Leader of Oldham Council and her two predecessors, together with one of the town’s two MPs, Jim McMahon, and a number of senior police officers, including Chief Constable Stephen Watson. The author of this article, Neil Wilby, is also a regular target.

The news of the latest YouTube ban was accompanied, as always, by tasteless begging for yet more money from his followers, which he attempts to pass off as a ‘salary’ for his ‘work’.

Few, if any, outside his small circle of supporters, whom self-style as ‘The Rabble‘ (or ‘Raja’s Rabble‘) would regard a persistent, mendacious liar spewing out a hateful, divisive narrative on social media, on an ad-hoc basis, as recognisable or gainful employment. Significantly, a large proportion of The Rabble have no job and live on State benefits in one form or another.

A previous YouTube ban, added to posts on the R9 Facebook page, led to a dawn raid by Greater Manchester Police in July, 2021 and, later, a criminal prosecution over the harassment of a 40yo lawyer from the Salford area. Miah denies the charge and the trial takes place on 2nd and 3rd February, 2023 at Manchester Magistrates Court (read more here). He remains on conditional court bail.

Raja Miah has taken exception to being widely described as ‘The Malicious Beggar’ (or ‘The Beggar’ in short form) on social media and here on Neil Wilby Media. He is also aggrieved at his numerous court appearances this year (eight in nine months) being chronicled, claiming ‘harassment’ and ‘malicious communications’ amongst other wild accusations.

Perhaps he will be bold enough to make a public statement as to how else the public interest matters arising from persistently leeching funds from the vulnerable, mentally-ill, disabled, elderly, gullible and delusional is to be reported, by an accredited journalist, or why his own court appearances, as either complainant or defendant, should be excluded from the foundation principle of open justice?

Miah has previously declined invitations to attend public meetings to debate his position, even when local charities would benefit from his appearance by a minimum of £2,000 (read more here). Moreover, he has signally failed to answer a series of public interest questions put to him by Neil Wilby, the author of this article, to explain and/or justify his present and highly controversial social media output and the begging that inevitably accompanies it – and also clarify a number of issues from his past and spectacularly failed business enterprises from which he sucked out millions of pounds (read more here and here).

Following publication of this article, a comment was posted by Lucy Sowerby on the Neil Wilby Media Facebook page in these terms:

“The Beggar is laughing because he knows he can continue with extracting money in exchange for disinformation. Buy me a Coffee ? Fund my hate. Crook.

“Buy me a Coffee. A platform that allows a disinformation pedlar and conspiracy theorist to openly beg for money to create hate. Got away with it for years now.

“Will the Disinformation Bill help in the future?

“Thing is unfortunately I doubt he will disappear in January at all, if only because he doesn’t have any intention of doing so, he just wants his income nice and secure for January in high value direct debits.

“To see him through his hungry gap as he knows the people he extracts the cash from are going to possibly be struggling to keep up their usual contributions. Sick.

“Good informative article as usual just wish I hadn’t read it after breakfast. Turns my stomach”.

Another comment was posted by Jackie Schofield on the same page:

“I think he’s asking for about 24k a year now to be paid to him. He’s blatant with it but The Rabble just ignore it all. It’s like they’re brainwashed.

“I’m hoping that one day someone will finally sue him for defamation in court. Maybe Dr Chauhan is that person. I think that is when all his lies will finally be aired in public”.

A formerly prominent Rabble member has contacted Neil Wilby Media via email and says:

“I was a supporter of Raja in the early days and sent him money I couldn’t really afford as a disabled person. But from looking like he was exposing council corruption his fb posts and youtubes are now all about vendettas and making money for him. I don’t want any part of that”.

S/he asked for anonymity for fear of ‘reprisals’.

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