Questions pile up for under siege conspiracy theorist

Following a widely read and shared article published elsewhere on this website on 1st September, 2022, there has been, inevitably, a demand for a follow-up.

The substance of that careful, well-researched (and widely praised) piece of investigative journalism (read in full here) was to pose a series of important, public interest questions to an unemployed, Tameside-based conspiracy theorist who is also readily, and frequently, identified as a persistent, mendacious liar.

They came about, principally, as the Region’s leading daily newspaper was planning what Raja Miah, who operates a number of discredited social media platforms under the ‘Recusant Nine’ banner, has described as a ‘hatchet job’ on him.

He had formed that view based on a list of twenty-two questions sent to him by the Manchester Evening News, together with the offer of a right to reply.  There was only very minor overlap between the questions put to Miah by the MEN and Neil Wilby Media.

These are the follow-up questions from the latter, adopting the numbering protocol from the previous article (1 to 45).

46. Why is almost every Recusant Nine post or broadcast dripping with negativity, hate, accusations and/or threats?

47. Why is the focus on those posts almost entirely on the self promotion of Raja Miah and so little, if anything, on support for victims whom you claim to champion?

48. You speak often of ‘insurgency’ and ‘taking back our town’. (a) Are you referring to Mossley, the upmarket commuter retreat where you live, or somewhere else? (b) Is the subject town under some form of military siege?

49. A number of previous questions concerned your obsession with mobsters, gangsters, goons, armed robbers, knives, drugs, serious violence and murder. Including numerous alleged threats to your life. How many Osman Warnings (read more here) have either you, or your family members, received from Greater Manchester Police?

50. Was your access to children suspended whilst appropriate Threat to Life (TTL) assessments were carried out (read more here)?

51. You have been described by your nemesis, Tahir Mushtaq, a well known and very popular community champion in Oldham, as a ‘narcissistic money-grabber who preys on the weak, suggestible, intellectually challenged, vulnerable, disabled, elderly, deluded or deranged’. Is that an assessment you would consider fair on all the facts and evidence?

52. Is it right that Tahir, whose younger brother, Cllr Shaid Mushtaq, is an Oldham Council cabinet member, has also repeatedly shamed and humiliated you over your disgraceful treatment of children in your care whilst in charge of the free schools? For example, school meals not fit for consumption and children going hungry because of those sub-standard meals provided by your associate companies, allowing you maximum profits with minimum expenditure.

53. (a) Is it right that you milked almost £3 million from the free schools which you founded and ran as chief executive (the sum calculated by Schoolsweek‘s experts is believed to be a conservative estimate)? (b) Is it also right that you have refused every entreaty to explain where even £1 of that money ultimately resides?

Screenshot 2021-03-07 at 10.03.39

54. Why have you consistently refused to meet publicly with pupils (many now adults, of course), parents, teachers and the press to explain how and why safeguarding and child protection failures, including a pupil sexually abused on your premises, occurred?

55. Is the ‘disappearance’ of the free schools money, a grotesque cover-up, one of the biggest scandals in Oldham in recent times?

56. The strapline of your dwindling band of supporters, whom self-style appositely as The Rabble (or Raja’s Rabble) is: ‘It’s not about you, it’s not about me, it’s about the children’. In that case why are they not campaigning for justice for the abused children at Collective Free Spirit?

57. (a) Moreover, why are they not allowed to ask you questions on this topic? (b) Is part of the entry conditions into The Rabble that no awkward questions are allowed to be asked?

58. You have asserted many times that a comprehensive summary of the situation pertaining to the free schools you operated, carefully and comprehensively written by Jim McMahon MP (read in full here), was ‘all lies’.  Can you point, specifically, to a single allegation that was not true?

59. In June, 2022, during an adjournment debate in Parliament, JimMcMahon set out your history as a failed free schools operator and later, as a discredited conspiracy theorist and false accuser. You have described that as a scurrilous attack on your character under the shelter of parliamentary privilege. Again, can you point, specifically, to a single allegation that was not true?

60. Do you agree that you are, very arguably, the Region’s most persistent vexatious complainer (read more here). Out of more than 150 complaints that you have made, how many have been successful?

61. In March this year, £2,000 was put up by two local businessmen as donations to Oldham Food Bank if you agreed to attend a public, live podcasted debate with Tahir Mushtaq and Neil Wilby (read more here). Is it right that the reasons you gave The Rabble, not anyone else, for not taking part were both vacuous and puerile? The relevant, short video clip can be viewed here .

62. Would you agree that now is exactly the time to put that record straight, have the open debate and put all the issues and controversies to bed once and for all? If you are right in all you claim then you have nothing at all to fear, surely?

The Manchester Evening News article, featuring Raja Miah, did not appear as expected either last Thursday or Friday. It is highly feasible that the list of questions published here on Neil Wilby Media will have given them further, and important, lines of enquiry and caused the delay.

Either way, it is very keenly anticipated by so very many people, curious to see whether it is the ‘hatchet job’ claimed by its subject. Other questions are available.

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