Strong Muslim gay rights voice sits out leaflet controversy

Most other articles on this Neil Wilby Media website are written in the third person. This is one of the exceptions, as it would be impossible to set out the story otherwise. Over this weekend, one in which I had planned to take a break after an intensive few weeks back in the UK fromContinue reading “Strong Muslim gay rights voice sits out leaflet controversy”

‘I’m going to be an MP’ says unemployed former Tandoori takeaway worker

A notorious Tameside-based conspiracy theorist, who has held down only one job since 2017, a temporary gig working in an Indian takeaway in Middleton, Greater Manchester on a zero hours contract (read more here), has signalled his intention to stand in the General Election in 2024. Bradford-born Raja Miah dramatically and exclusively announced to his small,Continue reading “‘I’m going to be an MP’ says unemployed former Tandoori takeaway worker”

‘Malicious Beggar’ ups the ante

One of the most unedifying, and repeating, sights across the political spectrum in Oldham, a famous and once prosperous East Lancashire mill town, is the world view of an unemployed conspiracy theorist from neighbouring Tameside – and his propensity to shamelessly leech money from his diminishing, cultish support group. A despairing collection of human tragedy,Continue reading “‘Malicious Beggar’ ups the ante”

Two year journey nears end of the road

An invitation from a well-known police whistleblower to look into what he claimed was serious police and council wrongdoing in the famous old East Lancashire mill town of Oldham first came in or around October, 2019, writes Neil Wilby.  Peter Jackson, a retired detective chief inspector popularly known as ‘Jacko’, and I, had worked successfullyContinue reading “Two year journey nears end of the road”

Five loaves and two fishes

With the country almost paralysed with fear over the cost of living crisis, energy bills and inflation, a well-known financial juggler has shown just what can be done on a meagre income. Raja Miah MBE, an unemployed Tameside-based conspiracy theorist, posted on his frequently banned Recusant Nine Facebook page, earlier this week, that the onlyContinue reading “Five loaves and two fishes”

Questions pile up for under siege conspiracy theorist

Following a widely read and shared article published elsewhere on this website on 1st September, 2022, there has been, inevitably, a demand for a follow-up. The substance of that careful, well-researched (and widely praised) piece of investigative journalism (read in full here) was to pose a series of important, public interest questions to an unemployed,Continue reading “Questions pile up for under siege conspiracy theorist”

‘Not our business’ says beleaguered council

A public question submitted to Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council on 16th May, 2022, by a well known local businessman and popular community champion, Tahir Mushtaq, has been rejected by the department which manages the process, Constitutional Services.  This is the full text of what was submitted to the Council: “Please ask this question of CllrContinue reading “‘Not our business’ says beleaguered council”

Stakes raised in charity challenge

In an article published elsewhere on this website on 4th March, 2022 (read more here), the gauntlet was thrown down to a self-styled political activist, who has blighted the East Lancashire mill town of Oldham, for over three years, with his own brand of persistent, mendacious lies and divisive hatred.   As the aforementioned article setsContinue reading “Stakes raised in charity challenge”

Refugees set to benefit from war of words showdown

For a man currently awaiting trial on charges of what Greater Manchester Police describe as harassment and malicious communications, allegations that he robustly denies, the behaviour of a 48 year old, unemployed man from Mossley, Tameside since he was charged on 21st January, 2022 can only be described as beyond belief. Already well known asContinue reading “Refugees set to benefit from war of words showdown”