Five loaves and two fishes


With the country almost paralysed with fear over the cost of living crisis, energy bills and inflation, a well-known financial juggler has shown just what can be done on a meagre income.

Raja Miah MBE, an unemployed Tameside-based conspiracy theorist, posted on his frequently banned Recusant Nine Facebook page, earlier this week, that the only income he derives, and lives on, are the ‘just over’ £500 per month subscriptions paid to him by a group of his supporters whom self-style as ‘The Rabble’.

Even taking into account the fact that Miah and the truth are very often strangers, and that his income, overall, from the Rabble is nearer £1,000 per month, according to Paul Jarvis, a former prominent Rabbler, who hails from the North-East Manchester suburb of Failsworth, and who has spent considerable time and energy on assembling his figures, it is a miracle of epic proportions as to how that subscription money can possibly be made to stretch so far:

– He lives in a luxury apartment in the upmarket commuter village of Mossley, For which there is likely to be mortgage repayments, and certainly council tax, water rates, home insurance, energy bills, wi-fi/internet service, furnishing, repairs and maintenance. Plus, of course, bills for groceries/household items.

– He drives a late model BMW motor car

– He has a rare model vintage Jaguar XJS V12 motor car in storage

– He owns at least one high powered, well equipped motorcycle: Pictured on Instagram riding a Yamaha 1000; another even more beastly machine, what looks like a sought-after Ducati Sport Classic 1000 said to be in storage.

These vehicles will all require fuel, taxing, insuring, servicing, repairing and account taken of depreciation.

– He is invariably dressed in designer clothes

– He eats out regularly

– He owns a plethora of top of the range Apple equipment

– He owns other top of the range broadcasting equipment

– He says that he pays licences, and other subscription fees totalling £3,500 per annum, to enable his Recusant Nine broadcasting work to continue

– He, presumably, pays maintenance to his ex-wife and financially supports his eight year old daughter

The ‘just over £500’ (or around £1,000 to be more accurate) per month that Miah admits to leeching from The Rabble, is taken, almost entirely, from a group of variously elderly, disabled, vulnerable, mentally ill, delusional souls, on state benefits of one form or another, who warrant assistance or support and not to have their purses or wallets remorselessly emptied.

Miah claims, in the same Facebook post, that he has no money stashed away from the missing millions that were identified as siphoned off from two free schools, Manchester Creative Studio and Collective Free Spirit, that he founded and operated between 2013 and 2017.

Schoolsweek identified, conservatively, that well over £2 million found its way either directly into his own pockets or into companies in which he had either significant, or total, control (read their comprehensive report and money map here).

Long-term Oldhamers, such as well-known community champion, Tahir Mushtaq, have been saying, for the past three years at least, that the money extracted from the two free schools was at least matched by that drawn off two charities with which Miah was involved from 2001 onwards: Peacemaker and RISE. Apart from buying the luxury apartment in Mossley – and Oldham was ‘the small town I left behind’ according to his LinkedIn profile – and driving around in supercars and on superbikes, where did all that money go?

Financial records relating to such transactions are scarce to non-existent and Miah refuses to account for a single penny or answer questions about it from concerned pupils (now adults), parents, teachers, politicians and, of course, journalists.

So, come on Raja, you are quick to criticise others, on even the merest whiff of impropriety. Earlier today on your Facebook page you said you are going to have Mostaque Miah arrested on malicious communications charges for simply calling you ‘a blatant liar’. Which, of course, you are: The biggest, most, persistent, mendacious liar in the Region, one might very fairly say.

The offer for a public debate, where charity will benefit to at least £2,000, still stands (read more here). All that is needed is for you to turn up at the arranged time and venue.

After the Q and A session, you can put the audience wise on how you manage to stretch your ‘just over £500 per month’ income so very far. Arguably, the biggest miracle since two small fishes and five small barley loaves fed five thousand people near Bethsaida [John 6: 1-15].

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