‘I’m going to be an MP’ says unemployed former Tandoori takeaway worker

Raja Miah at Restaurant Take away Green neon

A notorious Tameside-based conspiracy theorist, who has held down only one job since 2017, a temporary gig working in an Indian takeaway in Middleton, Greater Manchester on a zero hours contract (read more here), has signalled his intention to stand in the General Election in 2024.

Bradford-born Raja Miah dramatically and exclusively announced to his small, and fast diminishing, group of followers, whom self style as The Rabble (or Raja’s Rabble), at a meeting in Parliament Square in Oldham on 9th February, 2023 that he is standing in the Oldham West and Royton constituency, currently represented by Jim McMahon MP.

The gathering was originally arranged by Miah as an insurgency, involving hundreds and, possibly, thousands of supporters, at which he and The Rabble were going ‘to take back our town’.

A regular and astute commentator on the Neil Wilby Media Facebook page, learning of these plans, said: ‘Oldhamers expected to have been under full martial law this morning and the town to have been declared independent as Rajas Republic’ (read more here).

But, alas, the raid on the Civic Centre never materialised as only seven of The Rabble turned up ready to fight for the cause. None of them dressed for the expected fierce combat.

Several of those, including Miah himself, also had ASBI warning letters to contend with, preventing access to the Council’s HQ or its precincts (read more here).

Undeterred, Raja repaired to a nearby café bar, the Molino Lounge, where the ranks of The Rabble swelled to fourteen, including more ASBI holders. It was here that the de facto Leader of The Rabble, Gary Tarbuck, also unemployed and another noted conspiracy theorist, announced, amidst cheers, clapping, clinking cups and glasses, the smell of beer, coffee and the occupant’s stale body odour, that history was being made at this inaugural meeting of a Parliamentary election campaign: No candidate had ever launched a similar bid whilst wearing marl grey police issue sweater and jogging pants – and subject to both police conditional bail and magistrates’ court conditional bail.

Rabble and Miah in Oldham town centre pub

A dawn raid by Greater Manchester Police earlier that day had led to Raja Miah’s arrest on suspicion of at least one malicious communication offence – and a subsequent search of his home had left him without a mobile phone (read more here).

The Rabble, almost all of them on State benefits in one form or another, had an impromptu whip-round and a generous sum was raised for ‘campaign funds and expenses’. Which is Miah code for running Raja’s plush apartment, fleet of expensive cars and motorcycles, a raft of top of the range electronic equipment (temporarily on loan to the police) and designer clothes.

A ‘sponsored slim’ is planned amongst the female members of The Rabble. Most of whom carry substantial excess body weight, as a result of endless days and nights spent on keyboards on-line stalking and trolling for their Leader. Made less tedious, for that gang of perverts, by liking and sharing the Asian gang rape fantasy that led to his most recent arrest – and, of course, making mindless, derogatory comments about the young female intended as its victim.

As with Miah’s past ventures, all of them ending calamitously, his numbers man for the Parliamentary campaign will be senior tax inspector and well-known Oldham Liberal Democrat politician, Mohib Uddin. A very rare Rabbler as he actually has a job, which he fits around his political fixing and money making commitments with Raja and trolling on social media. The most infamous, but definitely not an isolated occurrence, being the £millions siphoned off from a free schools venture which collapsed in 2017.

Screenshot 2021-03-07 at 10.03.39

Apparently, a debate was had amongst those gathered in the pub regarding the political banner under which Raja will stand. Provisionally, it will be ‘The Rabble Party’ after it was decided that ‘The Crackpot CSE Conspiracy Theorists Party’ or ‘The Conservatives in Oldham Are Useless As Opposition Party’ were both too long and unwieldy for logos, election leaflets and flags. The latter would also be embarrassing for ‘Jimmy’ Tarbuck as he is best buddies with two Tory councillors in Oldham, Robert Barnes and Dave Arnott. He also stood as a candidate for the Conservatives in the 2022 Oldham elections with fellow Rabbler, Cllr Arnott, acting as his agent.

Jim McMahon was first elected to Parliament in December, 2015 in a by-election following the untimely passing of Michael Meacher MP. He retained the seat in 2019 with a majority of 11,217. Amongst his opponents was the Miah and Uddin backed candidate, fellow CSE conspiracy theorist, Debbie Barratt-Cole. Best known for her campaigning for another rape fantasist, Eleanor Williams, who faces a lengthy prison sentence after being found guilty of eight counts of perverting the course of justice (read more here).

Ms Cole lost her deposit at the General Election after securing just 533 votes as a Proud of Oldham and Saddleworth (POOS) candidate. The aptly named and perennially failed POOS are now defunct after they were outed by the charity, Hope Not Hate, as a haven for racists and far right activists a year ago (read more here).

Many would predict a similar outcome for Raja Miah, whom, outside of his tiny Recusant Nine echo chamber, is widely regarded across the Oldham Borough as utterly repulsive and a persistent, mendacious, dangerous liar whom exploits and monetises the harm and suffering of the family of fallen soldier, Lee Rigby, and the shocking trauma of genuine victims of child sexual exploitation (CSE). The best known of which in Oldham, who uses the cipher, ‘Sophie’, in her media appearances, describes him as ‘utterly vile’.

The last word goes to a friend of ‘Sophie’ and popular, well known Oldham community champion, Tahir Mushtaq, who has proved to be the nemesis of ‘The Malicious Beggar’ over the past few years:

‘Raja Miah has no intention of winning the election, the intention is to usurp as much money as possible on the journey to do so’.

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