Hi-ho, hi-ho it’s off to work I go

Raja Miah at Restaurant Take away Green neon

Greater Manchester’s most notorious conspiracy theorist, unemployed for the last four years at least, claims he now has a job.

But, in typical enigmatic fashion, 49 year old Raja Miah did not share details of his new role with readers of his disgraced, frequently banned Recusant Nine Facebook page when telling them he was ‘back at work’ on 3rd January, 2023.

He also did not explain his miraculous recovery from an undisclosed serious illness which, he claims, kept him bedridden for five days across the Christmas holiday period. Or how it will fit in with his extended tour of His Majesty’s Courts and Tribunal estate (read here).

At the beginning of December, 2022 Bradford-born Miah told his followers that he had agreed to help the family of his lifelong friend, notorious migrant trafficker and tax dodger, Montaz Ali Azad, by working in a Bangladeshi takeaway on a temporary basis.

The exiled Yorkshireman’s propensity for lying mendaciously, and regularly indulging himself with violent fantasies involving mobsters, gangsters, goons, car-jacking and murder, did not appear to Cllr Azad, who sits on the Licensing Committee of Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council, to be a safeguarding concern in what Miah openly says was a public facing role.

A reasonable working hypothesis is that ‘The Malicious Beggar’, as the Miah is widely known on social media, is still working at the takeaway.

Legitimate, public interest concerns raised last year with OMBC about Cllr Azad’s eligibility for membership of that committee fell on deaf ears (read here). The same Council continues to allow Raja Miah to routinely and variously smear and defame its elected Members, and paid council officers, without any recourse to the law (read more here).

UPDATE: A former insider attached to the group of Recusant Nine supporters, whom self-style as The Rabble (or Raja’s Rabble), has, in the public interest, supplied a photograph of an Indian-style takeaway in Middleton which is said to be where Miah was working before Christmas. S/he also says that he wasn’t seriously ill in bed for five days, as he graphically described, but doesn’t know yet if Rhodes Tandoori is where he was working yesterday (3rd January, 2023). If it is, the owners need to urgently and appropriately assess, in conjunction with the police and local licensing authority, the safeguarding risk that Raja Miah presents both to their staff and customers. Not least, as he consistently claims that he is going to be murdered by ‘Asian cartels’ or a hit squad sanctioned by senior politicians in Oldham.

Cllr Montaz Ali Azad has been approached with regards to such an assessment and details of if and when it took place or is scheduled to happen.

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