Conspiracy theorist faces fifth court appearance tomorrow

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An unemployed, 49yo conspiracy theorist from Mossley, Tameside faces his fifth court appearance this year on Thursday 15th September, 2022.

A case management hearing is listed at Manchester Magistrates’ Court at which, amongst other administrative matters, a trial date will be fixed to hear harassment allegations against Raja Miah MBE (pictured above left).

Those allegations concern his conduct towards a 39yo lawyer from the Salford area. She was granted anonymity at an earlier hearing.

The trial should have taken place on 17th August, 2022 but Miah applied for, and was granted, an adjournment in order to arrange legal representation.

At that hearing, the Crown prosecutor, Nick Smart, sought strengthened bail conditions, which the court directed accordingly. Miah is alleged to have breached those conditions soon afterwards (read more here).

The magistrates also directed that Miah’s new lawyers should place themselves on record with both the court and the Crown Prosecution Service no later than 7th September, 2022.

Leading criminal defence firm, Tuckers Solicitors, wrote to the court in early August stating that they were no longer representing the defendant in these proceedings. They represented him at three previous hearings in Tameside Magistrates’ Court between February and April, 2022.

Miah has, since the last hearing, told his Facebook followers as part of a running commentary he provides on the case, that he is now represented by a direct access barrister (read more here).

Miah’s supporters, a notoriously disorderly group whom self-style as The Rabble (or Raja’s Rabble), are again expected to turn up at the court in numbers this week. Around twenty appeared at the last hearing, with an invitation from Miah to ’cause chaos’ if his application for an adjournment did not succeed (read more here).

Greater Manchester Police and court security staff are alert to the prospect that journalists reporting on the case may again face harassment and intimidation from The Rabble before, during and after the hearing.

UPDATE: In a Recusant Nine post in the afternoon of Wednesday 14th September, 2022, the defendant canvassed attendance from The Rabble at court for the CMH and appears to claim that this short article, together with two prior articles setting out neutrally a series of public interest questions(read here and here), is harassing and malicious:

“I have a Case Management Hearing tomorrow morning. For those that wish to attend the details are;
10am Thursday 15th September 2022
Courtroom 17
Manchester & Salford Magistrates Court
Crown Square
M60 1PR
“This is not a trial but rather a hearing where my team will argue for evidence that they will want to include in the subsequent trial. Whilst it is most likely to be a dull affair, all I can say is how much I draw strength when I attend Court and find that I am not alone there. If you are able to, and it does not cause you too much inconvenience, then your company is very much welcomed.
“I am sure that many of you will have read the latest series of allegations and abuse directed towards me. Sadly, this constant malice has been the reality of my life since I refused to turn my back on the grooming and gang rape of our town’s children. I am not ashamed to admit that there are days that I find the harassment directed towards myself and my family overwhelming.
“We know the odds are against us. We know all too well that the tyranny we stand against has access to networks, resources and power beyond anything we could ever hope for. Yet here we still stand. Unyielding and still unbroken. Here we all still stand”.
Raja Miah signs off this lament with his signature line:
“Do Not Fear Them. Do Not Fear Any Of Them”.

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