Questions the MEN didn’t ask Mossley conspiracy theorist

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Earlier this week, an article elsewhere on this website foretold an ominous piece of journalism planned by the Region’s leading daily newspaper, the Manchester Evening News (MEN): It will feature, centrally, a notorious, 49 year old, unemployed Tameside conspiracy theorist, Raja Miah (read more here).

The Neil Wilby Media piece included an image of an email sent to Miah on 26th August, 2022 by the MEN. It comprised a standard newspaper industry mechanism known as ‘right to reply’. There are twenty two questions put to Miah in total within the email: Some of them quite searching and worthy of serious contemplation by the subject of the forthcoming article. A deadline of 31st August, 2022 was given for such a response.

Instead, and very typically, the ‘right of reply’ was converted by Miah into a theatrical, largely nonsensical production on his discredited, frequently banned Recusant Nine social media platforms. With himself as sole performer, playing an Oscar-winning part as a preening narcissist, and an audience comprising around half of his hundred or so supporters, whom self-style, appositely, as The Rabble (or Raja’s Rabble). The rest of Oldham’s 235,582 residents appear to have missed out. Lucky them.

The outcome of the one man broadcast, screened yesterday, was that the ‘hatchet job’, as he describes the MEN article (before a single word is published), is, in his eyes, already discredited, and the efficient, well regarded female journalist writing it was subjected to an unremitting, objectionable tirade of abuse, much of it highly personalised, by both Miah and The Rabble.

Regrettably, this is a well worn path by his various collection of criminals, thugs, oddballs, axe-grinders and malcontents:

Only Raja Miah, proven many times, and beyond any doubt, as the Region’s most persistent, mendacious liar, can possibly be right, on any topic under the sun; anyone else with a contrary view to him, and his cultish Rabble, is relentlessly stalked, harassed and defamed on social media – and in person if these crackpots get the opportunity.

One of those regular targets is Neil Wilby, the author of this article and the owner of the Neil Wilby Media website upon which it is hosted. There are over 100 articles featuring Raja Miah, either wholly or in part, on the website; his perennially outrageous antics being a rich source of news.

Not unnaturally, and given the unrivalled network of contacts developed in Oldham and the wider Greater Manchester Region over the years by Neil Wilby, there are gaps in the questions asked of Miah by the MEN. It also appears from the ‘right of reply’ offer that their article is only going to cover the period from 2012 onwards.

This is a non-exhaustive list of questions that would have assisted the Manchester Evening News in its search for the truth about one of the most notable bogey men in their circulation area. Raja Miah is warmly invited to put these up on a screen during one of his Recusant Nine broadcasts, as he did with the MEN questions, and provide his version of the truth.

It will be an interesting session, to say the least:

1. Were you born in Bradford in May, 1973 and are you proud of your West Yorkshire roots?

2. Was your early schooling in Bradford, as you have previously asserted, at least up to the age of 8?

3. Was one of your best friends through school, in Oldham, Shahnawaz “Shanny” Qumer?

4. Is it right that you remain close to Shanny Qumer and he is your local eyes and ears in Glodwick?

5. As a high profile, convicted, large scale drug dealer is he (or was he) one of the ‘Pakistani (or Glodwick) goons’ that you mention often?

6. Or part of your mythical ‘Asian cartels’, or ‘mobsters and gangsters’ with which you are apparently obsessed?

7. Do you consider your close friend and political ally Cllr Montaz Ali Azad, with serious people trafficking and tax dodging findings against him by the Home Office, to be part of, or associated with, such groups. If, indeed, they exist at all?

8. Do you consider your friendships and associations with other convicted criminals such as Khazir “Kaiser” Rehman, Nashir Uddin, Montaz Ali, Brian Hobin, Dave Ellis, Anthony Gledhill, Steve Walsh and Garry Dunkerley healthy?

9. Do you condone, by Walsh and Dunkerley in particular, the horrific lying, and smearing and defaming of journalists, politicians and other members of the public, who happen to have a different world view to your own? If your campaigning output is reliable, and your intentions noble, why do you rely so much on criminal behaviour of that class to bolster it?

10. Nashir Uddin and Montaz Ali were convicted of postal vote fraud in 2007. An offence about which you assert, without evidence, that others in ‘Asian cartels’ practice. Is it correct to say that your best friend, Mohib Uddin, was also tried and acquitted in those same proceedings?

11. Is it right that you knew, and/or associated with, at least two of the men who attacked and raped the child sex abuse survivor known as ‘Sophie’ (or Sam) in 2006? There is absolutely no assertion or imputation of any other impropriety, beyond not disclosing such associations or knowledge in the context of your CSE campaigning.

12. From around 2001 onwards, until 2006 when he was made redundant from Oldham Council, it is said that both “Daddy” and yourself were both active, professionally, in the same Oldham wards and Asian communities. Him as a welfare rights officer, you as a Peacemaker charity worker. Is it your position that you had no association with, or knowledge of, him?

13. Although not common knowledge, you were expelled from the Labour Party in August 2020. Data protection law, quite correctly, prevents Labour from confirming the date you joined. Is it right that your Party membership pre-dates year 2000? It is widely known that “Daddy” was a Labour Party member in that era. Said to be a regular visitor to the office of Michael Meacher MP at the time.

14. Can you confirm that Cllr Shoab Akhtar, Deputy Leader of Oldham Council at the time, was appointed as a director of one of your myriad web of companies in or around 2013? The very period at which you say Labour councillors were covering up CSE in the town. He resigned from RISE over governance concerns and a philosophic objection to your planned free schools.

15. Is it right that within four years of your involvement with Peacemaker, on a charity worker’s salary and no other visible streams of income, you owned four properties, including your present abode in Mossley, drove a series of expensive ‘supercars’ and had business interests in a number of restaurants and/or fast food outlets?

16. Is it also right that substantial amounts of public funds provided to Peacemaker were later paid over into consultancy companies run by you and an Asian businessman and associate, Pasha Shah? In the public interest, and by way of re-assurance, an explanation of the activities, input or output that gave rise to such payments would be helpful.

17. Is it correct to say that Peacemaker failed in 2012 with debts of around £650,000, by which time your attention had turned to another charity, RISE?

18. You asserted in a recent Recusant Nine post, although your mathematics may well be flawed, that you have ‘lived and worked in Oldham for 40 years’. At what point, during that lengthy period, did you first become aware of (i)  ‘1,000s of white working class girls being raped by Pakistani grooming gangs’ in the town? (ii) That the local Council was run by ‘Asian cartels, mobsters, gangsters and goons’?

19. Is it right that on your LinkedIn profile it says that Oldham is ‘the small town you left behind’? Also, the only employment to which you refer in your biography is as a Board Member of Cities of Hope Ltd. Is it correct to say that entity was struck off the Companies House register in January 2018?

20. Is it right that, before your relentless three year vendetta (a term you have used to describe it) against Jim McMahon MP began in early 2019, you were a Jeremy Corbyn supporter on the left of the Labour Party? Mr Corbyn hailed Jim as ‘a rising Labour star’ at the launch of the latter’s 2015 by-election campaign. Is it also right that you supported and voted for Jim McMahon back then?

21. Do you now accept that the central theme in your CSE campaigning, the ‘Lee Rigby email’ stands discredited and has done so since November, 2020 when this ‘Get The White Vote Angry’ article was published by Neil Wilby Media (read in full here)? Backed up now, of course by the Newsam and Ridgway CSE Assurance Review.

22. Do you now accept that the other lies that you have frequently told, and that were relentlessly exposed in that same article, should give rise to a public, written apology from you to those that have suffered harm from them?

23. Your Recusant Nine platforms have suffered from numerous Facebook bans (at least two for as long as three weeks and five weeks) and removal of offensive YouTube broadcasts, at least one of which is the subject of criminal action against you. Will you share a record of all those bans and post/broadcast removals in the form of a schedule?

24. You are very frequently, and correctly, described, both on social media and elsewhere on this website, as ‘a persistent and mendacious liar’. Why have you never challenged that statement, either by way of right of reply or a defamation claim?

25. In or around April, 2021 you posted on Recusant Nine an email you had received from D/Insp Kenneth Blain in which he explained, in terms, why you are regarded as ‘an informant’ by Oldham police? When and why did you remove the image of that email from your Facebook page?

26. At the trial of Mohammed Imran Ali (known more widely as ‘Irish Imy’) in December, 2020, you failed to disclose, either in your written or oral evidence, that you were gay. You ‘came out’ publicly, shortly afterwards. The outcome of those proceedings would, on any independent view, have been very different upon such disclosure. Is that matter about which you now have regrets?

27. Your friend and long-term political ally, Kaiser Rehman, despite being extensively pressured by GMP, refused to give evidence on either his own account, or as a witness on your behalf at that trial, because he knew you were/are gay. As such, and given that the substance of the prosecution was a social media post about you being gay, over which, you say, you were caused offence and felt harassed, is it fair to say that the integrity of both of you is now further impugned?

28. Is it true to say that you were the prime mover, and driving force, behind the Montaz Ali Azad election petition filed in May, 2021, following his defeat in the local elections earlier that month (read more here)? An enterprise that, ultimately, resulted in a costs order against him amounting to £52,000.

29. a. Do you still sleep with a knife under your pillow? b. Did the police find one there when they searched your home?

30. a. How many of the alleged (or mythical) murder, or serious violence, plots against you by the Asian cartels, mobsters, gangsters and Pakistani goons, have actually been investigated by Greater Manchester Police? b. Did the police investigate your specific complaint that Neil Wilby, Jim McMahon MP and Sean Fielding (at the time Leader of Oldham Council) were all involved in a conspiracy to murder you?

31. Is it right that the alleged ‘car-jacking and attempted murder by armed robbers’, said by you to have taken place in Greenfield in November, 2021, was a fantasy designed only to elicit more funds from your gullible supporters? Many of whom are vulnerable, disabled, mentally ill, delusional or elderly

32. During the local election campaign in Oldham in 2022 you posted on the Recusant Nine Facebook page that you had submitted ‘a dossier of evidence’ regarding historic CSE in the Borough to Greater Manchester Police. Do you still stand by that claim?

33. Is it true to say that the two highest profile CSE victims/survivors in Oldham, ‘Sophie’ (or Sam) and Child A have zero trust in you and, in fact ‘hate your guts’?

34. Is it also true that they regard you as exploitative and interested only in monetising their pain and misery – and that of other Oldham CSE victims and survivors?

35. Is it further true to say that Maggie Oliver doesn’t trust you and regards your past history with schools, and particularly their finances, with considerable suspicion. The specific terms she used in those matters, during a meeting with Neil Wilby in August, 2020 in Manchester, are not repeated here.

36. How does that square off with your repeated claims of being a CSE victims’ champion?

37. Why has your support group, The Rabble, never campaigned for justice for the many children in your care, as a chief executive of two free schools in the Region, who were so badly let down and, in many cases, had their lives potentially ruined? Would it be fair to say that, to yourself and The Rabble, they are the wrong class of victim, despite being white and mostly working class?

38. In Manchester Magistrates’ Court, recently, you told the bench that the principal witness against you is ‘a Labour party activist’. Insofar as it is relevant, and the Crown prosecutor submitted to the court that it most definitely is not, what evidence is there to back up such a claim?

39. In that same hearing, you told magistrates that you had received an apology from GMP over what you described as ‘an intimidating arrest’ in July, 2020. In what way did you feel ‘intimidated’ and how does that square with your ubiquitous motto ‘Do Not Fear Them. Do Not Fear Any of Them’ and your menacing posts and regular threats of violence against others, notably young journalists?

40. On your own varying accounts over the past year, the number of police officers involved in the dawn raid at your home in July, 2021 appears to have grown over time from six to eight. Which, in fact, is the correct total?

41. a. Will you be publishing that GMP apology letter, in full, on your Facebook page? b. Are parts of that letter seriously embarrassing to you?

42. As a matter of public interest, have you appointed a new firm of solicitors (or a direct access barrister) to represent you at the case management hearing and trial?

43. Will The Rabble be attending at court, en masse, at the next hearing at Manchester Magistrates’ listed for 15th September, 2022? Will you again be inviting them to cause chaos in the court building and precincts if matters do not proceed to your approval (read more here)?

44. Will The Rabble be attending the next Full meeting of Oldham Council on 7th September, 2022, including those individuals who have been issued with ASBI warning letters (read more here).

45. a. Is there a reason why you have not mentioned on Recusant Nine the ASBI warning letter issued to you by Oldham Council? b. Will you be defying the warning and attending with The Rabble at the civic centre? c. Have you disclosed its existence to your new criminal defence lawyers (if appointed)?

The response to these questions from Raja Miah is keenly awaited. No doubt accompanied by the usual prevarication, historical revisionism and torrent of abuse. Other questions are available.

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