Social media bans pile up for disgraced conspiracy theorist

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Following an article published on Neil Wilby Media on 8th December, 2022, headlined ‘Malicious Beggar laughs off latest social media ban, YouTube has hit unemployed, Tameside-based conspiracy theorist, Raja Miah, with yet another sanction.

On his infamous Recusant Nine Facebook page, just two days later, Miah reports in his familiar hyperbolic prose:

“In an all to predictable pattern of desperately attempting to censor the information I share, Thursday evening’s webinar has been taken down from YouTube following a defamation complaint. As with identical attempts to limit who view my content over the last 4 years, there will be NO defamation claim against me. These are just the actions of desperate politicians, an out of control Council and their criminal partners that have tried everything they can to silence me.

“Unfortunately, though they failed, it is now likely that these transmissions will end simply because after 4 year+ of relentless work I’ve been unable to come anywhere near securing 300 people who will support the transmissions with just 75p a week.

“This is the transmission that was taken down on YouTube. Facebook do not take down videos for defamation complaints in the same way so I’ve uploaded it here [on Facebook]”.

In a familiar style of persistent, mendacious lies, and ludicrously stretched narrative, Miah fails to observe that he settled one defamation complaint against him brought by Oldham councillor, Riaz Ahmad, with an apology, removal of offending material and a donation to charity. A second defamation complaint – and there is at least one more contemplated claim pending funding – has been brought by another Oldham councillor, Dr Zahid Chauhan OBE (read more here).

Cllrs Ahmad and Chauhan both instruct the same specialist lawyers in Manchester, JMW Solicitors. Cllr Ahmad’s claim which was brought against both Miah and another disgraced local activist, Khazir Rehman, ultimately succeeded in the High Court. ‘Kaiser’, as Rehman is better known, now faces a costs and damages bill of around £200,000 (read more here). Miah, on any independent view, had a fortuitous escape.

‘The Malicious Beggar’ (or simply ‘The Beggar’), as Bradford-born Miah has become widely known on social media, has, once again, threatened to end his vicious smear campaigns against those he indiscriminatingly targets if his supporters, known as The Rabble, do not send him increased amounts of money. The exiled Yorkshireman is complaining daily about ‘lack of support’ as he begs for more from an audience comprising too many who are variously on State benefits, elderly, vulnerable, mentally ill, disabled, gullible or delusional. One of the more prominent Rabblers, Garry Martin, is urging fellow supporters to use gatherings at one another’s houses to keep warm, save gas and electricity – and send the surplus to Miah.

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The moment of truth arrives for Miah on Sunday 18th December, 2022 when, what he says is his last ever Recusant Nine broadcast, is scheduled: He either keeps his promise to close down the channel or is revealed as having, once again, duped his perennially-suckered audience and kept the extra money he has been sent.

The third defamation complaint, if brought against Miah before then, might also have a bearing on that decision. Also, having denied the charge against him, he remains on conditional court bail as he awaits trial in February, 2023 over harassing a 40yo lawyer from the Salford area (read more here).

UPDATE: Following publication of this article, amongst a number of interesting comments, both on social media and via the Neil Wilby Media email contact form, are that Raja Miah is taking down the YouTube videos himself and claiming ‘censorship’ to elicit sympathy and more money – and that others, and possibly the significant group of convicted criminals with whom he associates, are also benefiting from ‘the scamming’ of the poor and vulnerable.

Another commentator, a retired police officer, alleges, probably with some justification, that the manner in which money is extracted by Miah via his Recusant Nine platform, arguably, constitutes an offence of fraud by false representation by way of section 2 of the Fraud Act, 2006.

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An interesting proposition for that officer’s former police force to assess, particularly if any past supporter(s) turn turtle and make a complaint that they were duped.

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