Problems mount for disgraced activist

Raja Miah, an unemployed 48 year old male from Mossley, Tameside, who features prominently elsewhere on this website, has been reported to Greater Manchester Police over suspicion of offences under the Protection of Harassment Act, 1997.

The complainant is a 27 year old female from the Oldham area. She is a known survivor of child sex abuse and an anonymised story featuring her long-running and grotesque mistreatment at the hands of safeguarding authorities appeared on the Daily Mirror website yesterday evening. It contains seriously distressing detail.

A short time afterwards, Miah linked the Mirror article in a post on his frequently-banned Recusant Nine Facebook platform and, effectively, named the survivor by way of jigsaw identification. He was immediately implored, by a close mutual friend, to take the post down to protect the survivor’s privacy. A polite warning was also given that he would be reported to the police if he didn’t.

The request was very rudely dismissed by Miah, several times, and the Recusant Nine post is still extant at the time of publication of this article. This is an exchange of text messages. Raja Miah has described this on Facebook as ‘harassment’.

In July, 2021, Miah was arrested following a dawn raid on his home over suspicions of malicious communications and racially aggravated public order offences. His pre-charge police bail has been extended several times and after surrender again at Oldham Police Station on 21st January, 2022, GMP issued a press release to say that Raja Miah had been charged with malicious communication and harassment offences. He will appear at Tameside Magistrates’ Court on 3rd February, 2022.

The child sex abuse survivor, deeply distressed and alarmed by the latest turn of events, obtained a crime log number via GMP’s 101 service and then contacted, directly, the Senior Investigating Officer of Operation Hexagon, Detective Inspector Richard Arthern, under whose auspices Miah was arrested last July.

This is not the first time that this survivor has suffered adversely at the hands of Miah, a self-proclaimed victims’ champion, who, plainly, has little regard for either her or her most unfortunate situation, and she feels the latest incident is part of a course of conduct by him designed to undermine her and deliberately cause her harm. His behaviour is also acting as a trigger, she says.

Following publication of this article, and probably because of it, Miah launched what he describes as ‘an emergency transmission’ on his Facebook/YouTube platforms. He defended his decision to identify the child sex abuse victim when every other publication reporting on the recent matters concerning her 

A second report was made to DI Arthern, immediately prior to the Miah broadcast commencing, as this has, again, left the victim deeply distressed and triggered. 

The matter has been referred by GMP to the Crown Prosecution for advice in what is ‘a grey area’

Comments are closed on this article in order to preserve the integrity of the police investigation.

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