Notorious conspiracy theorist jeopardises fair trial of man charged with sex offence


A notorious, unemployed Tameside-based conspiracy theorist who claims to campaign against child sex abuse in the neighbouring Borough of Oldham has, it appears, deliberately flouted a warning by Greater Manchester Police not to comment on social media about the case of a Shaw man charged with a sex offence that occurred in neighbouring Rochdale.

At 21.02 yesterday evening (11th April, 2023) GMP issued this statement via its press office:

Mohammed Jamal (DoB 10.3.1986) of Shaw, Oldham has been charged with soliciting.

“He has been bailed ahead of an appearance at Manchester and Salford Magistrates Court on Thursday 4th May, 2023.

“This charge relates to an alleged incident involving an adult female in a taxi on Thames Street, Rochdale in the early hours of Sunday 9th April.

We understand the interest this case will have generated but it is absolutely imperative that the suspect has a fair trial so members of the public must refrain from engaging in conversations online, at least until proceedings have concluded. Previously circulated videos should be removed“.

The emphasis on the last paragraph was added by the police.

At 10.40 this morning (12th April, 2023) Raja Miah posted on his disgraced, frequently banned Facebook page, styled Recusant Nine, about the case. The text is not repeated here, but suffice to say it was of the same ludicrous genre of much of the rest of his output – attempting to link an allegation of soliciting in one town (Rochdale) with Pakistani grooming gangs in another town (Oldham). At the same time, gratuitously, to smear an MP and council leaders in the process.

He did, however, publish specific details about the alleged offence, including in the unmoderated comments below the article, and claims it has ‘once again brought national shame to the town’. Without specifying whether he refers to Shaw or Oldham or Rochdale. He also mocked the surname of the man charged with the soliciting offence.

His cult-like following, whom self-style as The Rabble, including the ubiquitous Julie Heywood (read more here), are assuming guilt of the suspect and disputing the age of the other person involved in the incident

Bradford-born Miah, 49, struggling desperately to remain relevant to a dwindling number of supporters, and stem the tide of cancellations of subscribers, donors and sponsors to his various social media platforms, is currently on both police and court conditional bail over malicious communication and harassment allegations. He denies wrongdoing (read more here).

The Recusant Nine post has been drawn to the attention of GMP to whom Raja Miah is, obviously, well known.

As these are live criminal proceedings comments on this article are closed.

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