Refugees set to benefit from war of words showdown

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For a man currently awaiting trial on charges of what Greater Manchester Police describe as harassment and malicious communications, allegations that he robustly denies, the behaviour of a 48 year old, unemployed man from Mossley, Tameside since he was charged on 21st January, 2022 can only be described as beyond belief.

Already well known as a persistent, mendacious liar, and a money-leeching opportunist, it appears that making highly defamatory posts and causing of offence to those he perceives as legitimate targets, critics, or enemies (or a combination of all three), is Raja Miah’s primary preoccupation.

But now the moment of truth is close at hand. One of those critics, indeed, arguably over the past three years, his biggest, has challenged Miah, yet again, to a public debate where local conveyancing consultant and Bachelor at Law, Tahir Mushtaq, and he can go head-to-head in open forum.

All previous invitations, numbering more than a handful, have been rejected by ‘The Man With The Golden Begging Bowl‘ as Miah has been irreverently dubbed by Mushtaq. No explanation has ever been given as to why he prefers to abuse from behind a block or what is, in effect, a closed group forum that he operates where every single dissenting voice is quickly banned. 

But the game has now changed, dramatically, as an anonymous, and very generous, local donor has guaranteed that, net of income from sponsorship and ticket sales, and expenses of hiring the venue and recording equipment plus security and insurances, a local charity, providing aid to refugees from war-torn Ukraine, will benefit by not less than £1,000.

The event would be hosted, and compèred, by the author of this article, Neil Wilby. A journalist also routinely defamed by Raja Miah on his disgraced and frequently banned Recusant Nine social media channels. This is the chance to set the record straight once and for all.

Miah’s strapline ‘Do Not Fear Them, Do Not Fear Any of Them’, and the threats of violence he either implies or makes overtly (he has said previously that Wilby will leave in a body bag if he attempts to doorstep interview him) can be put to the test in a safe, controlled environment, in front of what would very likely be an absorbed and entertained audience. From whom participation would be sought by way of a Question and Answer session at the end of the Miah/Mushtaq head to head. Which is likely to opened by an explanation and apology being demanded by the latter over the former’s oft-repeated and false allegation over a land deal involving the Mushtaq family. 

Evidence of Asian Cartels, Pakistani and Glodwick ‘goons’, mobsters and gangsters running Oldham is also likely to be high on the agenda, as Miah is put to the test publicly on those class of claims.

But the big ticket items, of course, will be the (in)famous Miah ‘dossier of evidence’ that underpins his claim that Oldham Council, GMP and partner agencies all conspired together to ‘cover-up’ child sex abuse in exchange for Asian block votes – and the whereabouts of the £2 million plus milked from the spectacularly failed free schools he founded and ran. 

Other matters of substantial public interest to be explored would include, but not be limited, to Raja Miah’s record as the Region’s most persistent, vexatious and notably unsuccessful complainer (read more here); the connected classification of him, by GMP, as a ‘police informant’; the part he played, along with his friend and political ally, Kaiser Rehman, in attempting to frame a Labour councillor and former Mayor of child sex abuse (read more here): the car-jacking of his luxury Porsche SUV and attempted murder by masked, armed robbers that he claimed happened near his ex-wife’s home in November, 2021; the many claims he has made of having information ‘leaked’ to him by councillors and paid officers at Oldham Council.  

The event is likely to take place during the last week in March or in early April, before the Easter break. As soon as all the arrangements are in place, the date will be published widely. 

All that is needed is for Raja Miah to take up the challenge and put his evidence, very publicly, where his mouth is. The whole of Oldham will be hanging on his answer. But one thing is for certain, if he declines on this occasion he will be not only become a laughing stock, he will have deprived desperate women and children, many of them now widowed by the war, of much needed funds to get their lives back on track. Whilst continuing to plunder the elderly and vulnerable with his own Recusant Nine ‘get rich quick’ schemes

Do Not Fear Them. Do Not Fear Any of Them says Raja Miah from behind the safety of his keyboard. Well, the truth of that will emerge very shortly.

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