Oldham Council election candidates announced for 2022


Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council has published its full list of nominations for the local elections due to take place on 5th May, 2022 (read in full here)

There are 84 candidates in total, down from 95 last year and 103 the year before.

19 wards will see a poll for just one seat, Medlock Vale will elect two councillors following the shock resignation of Cllr Sahr Abid last month (read more here). 

The Labour Party and the Liberal Democrats both field candidates for all 21 seats. The Conservative Party has failed to fill the slate and do not contest three wards. 

The Green Party has seven candidates, down from ten last year.

Hyper-locals, Proud of Oldham and Saddleworth and the Failsworth Independent Party put up seven (down from eight) and two candidates (same as last year), respectively. Both were recently highlighted in a lengthy and detailed Hope not Hate report as far-right (read more here). 

There are two independent candidates, Helen Bishop who contests Saddleworth South again, and Montaz Ali Azad who renews his fight for the Coldhurst seat. Two of his recent recent campaigns, since his ejection from Labour Party have ended in controversy (read more here).

A new name on the ballot papers is National Housing Party UK, whose Party Leader, John Lawrence, is standing in Hollinwood. He was previously a leading light in the far-right Britain First party. Likewise, former Oldham UKIP Chair, Paul Goldring, stands for the Alliance for Democracy and Freedom for the first time (read more here)

Another haven for the far-right, Northern Heart (UK), has four candidates, down one from last year. 

Missing this year are the Reform UK Party, Workers Party and United Kingdom Independent Party (UKIP) who do not field a candidate between them. 

Successful candidates will serve for just one year, as 2023 sees an ‘all-out’ election following recent Boundary Commission changes across the Borough. The Labour Party is defending a 20 seat majority; 12 of their sitting councillors face re-election.

Six wards have just three candidates standing; by contrast seven names will be on the Medlock Vale ballot paper. They include Kaiser Rehman, convicted last year and currently serving a suspended prison sentence over harassing a sitting Labour councillor, Dr Zahid Chauhan, and facing around £200, 000 in costs and damages following a High Court harassment and libel claim brought by another sitting Labour councillor. Riaz Ahmad (read more here).

Doorstep feedback, so far, strongly suggests that the cost of living crisis, and particularly energy bills, is the hot topic, rather than any particular local issue.

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2 thoughts on “Oldham Council election candidates announced for 2022

  1. Hi[Image]







    The POOS have been busy in Shaw, asking shops to display their posters. Although the shops were approached and informed of what the POOS stand for, only two agreed to remove them. In fact there may be more in the windows, as now informed that the butcher has one up now in the window also.

    Someone suggested referring them to The Hope Not Hate document, page 84/85, but I can’t see them reading that, as I’m sure we can take it that if they refuse to remove them they are supporters.

    June Roddison

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