PC who hid in wardrobe during warrant search is dismissed

GMP bolton
At a disciplinary hearing yesterday (12th December, 2022), Police Constable Elaine Taylor was found guilty of gross misconduct and dismissed without notice.
She formerly served in Greater Manchester Police’s  Bolton Division.
She faced allegations relating to Discreditable Conduct and Honesty and Integrity as set out in the Police (Conduct) Regulations, 2012 The ‘Home Office Guidance on Police Misconduct’ can be read here.
The matter for which she stood accused related to an incident on 8th January 2020, where PC Taylor had been discovered hiding in a wardrobe at an address that was subject to a search warrant.
Present at the same location was a wanted person of whom the officer had full knowledge, but she chose to acquiesce and ignore.
The matter was found proven at the level of Gross Misconduct.
Detective Sergeant Tony Dixon, of GMP’s Professional Standards Branch (PSB), which conducted the investigation said: “We hold all of our police officers and staff to the highest standard, and unfortunately, PC Taylor fell below those standards.
“We remain committed to addressing any misconduct of any kind, at any rank, and will take swift and robust action to ensure we maintain the confidence of the public we serve.”

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