Police appeal over spate of recent burglaries in Chadderton

Police officers in Oldham have seen a spike in burglary offences in the Chadderton, Hollinwood and the Garden Suburbs areas of the Borough where they believe a group of young teenagers are committing burglaries in the early hours of the morning.

These incidents are reported to have occurred between Tuesday 13th December and Tuesday 20th December.

Detective Sergeant Matt Adshead of GMP’s Oldham CID said: “We are asking the public to be switched on regarding their personal security. Most of our breaks are from insecure doors, windows and garage doors.

Screenshot 2022-12-21 at 18.14.17

Detectives are looking to identify the four men in the image as they may be able to assist with enquiries.

“We are seeing burglars looking for insecurities where they can grab car keys from within the property and make off without confrontation.

“We are asking the public not to confront burglars and instead report to police using 101 or using gmp.police.uk always call 999 in an emergency.

“It is unacceptable for anybody to feel unsafe in their own home, which is why tackling burglary remains one of GMP’s top priorities.”

“If anyone has any information or CCTV, dashcam or doorbell footage, specifically around the times of 3am and 6am, or can identify the men in the image please contact officers on 0161 856 4521 or report via LiveChat facility on gmp.police.uk.”

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To help us to help you, please follow our top tips in order to keep yourself safe protect your home from burglaries:

  1. Burglars love the dark. Deter them by setting an alarm, using light timers and locking doors and windows. Keep an eye on your neighbourhood and report anything suspicious.
  2. Make sure the only thing you’re letting through your open window is fresh air. Close them when you leave the room to deter thieves.
  3. You can add extra security to doors using additional security measures such as patio door locks which can be fitted over door handles or bolted down behind a sliding door.
  4. Homes left in darkness can signify no one is at home. A few simple steps can deter thieves. Use a TV simulator, leave a radio tuned into a talk station on, and use light timers to turn lamps on as it goes dark.

For more burglary prevention advice please visit this website – Operation Castle | Greater Manchester Police (gmp.police.uk).

A Neighbourhood Watch affiliated street patrol, organised by local businessman and charity organiser, Mohammed Imran Ali, and with all the necessary licences and insurances, was driven off the streets of Chadderton last year over concerns about his previous criminal record. Door alarms, window alarms, personal panic alarms were provided and fitted on request by the Ali patrollers, who were widely praised at the time by many local residents.

Another street patrol, covering parts of Failsworth and described by GMP as ‘a vigilante group’, still operates sporadically and is endorsed by the local political party (read more here).

Well known community champion, Tahir Mushtaq, who lives on Burnley Lane in Chadderton told his large Facebook following:

“A recent spate of burglaries has left many in the Oldham area concerned, especially given that during the holiday period people are often out socialising or at other family members homes.

“The holiday period is supposed to be a time of relaxation and joy. For many it’s a well deserved break and this recent turn of events is not a composite part of what Oldhamers had in mind.

“There are many elderly and sometimes vulnerable people living alone. This simply adds to tension and anxiety for us all.

“Neil Wilby as always has very articulately presented the article below emphasising the issue.

“Recently Mohammed Imran Ali aka Irish Imy was yet again at the brunt of a hate campaign for assisting and promoting local charities, given his past.

“For all the neighsayers:
1. The patrols that were spearheaded by Imran were a deterent
2. The organisation, planning, time, money, energy and effort to make the streets of Oldham safer were on a very large and complex scale
3. Imran orchestrated the patrols with his own money and time. Time he could spend with loved ones or promoting his business ventures. That time he gave to us.
4. The public were having free alarms and security measures implemented at imrans own cost albeit there may have been other contributers
5. People felt safer
6. The said patrols were legally compliant with the appropriate insurance

“We will never know the true value of what was implemented here because we failed to support what was a very positive contribution to our locality

“Due to a minority that used Imran for political capital and to promote themselves and their own selfish agendas we lost a very constructive and optimistic programme that could have developed into something far greater and promoted our safety and cohesion.

“This is our loss. It was not unreasonable to state it may have been a process open to abuse but not if we all work together, the patrols, the police the general public the local authority especially in a time where there are such heavy austerity measures with police funding cuts.

“Shame on those of you who do nothing and then point fingers at those that are trying to or have reformed. ‘Let he who is without sin cast the first stone’.

“Imran’s vision was an all inclusive one. Anyone and everyone was welcome to be a part of what effectively was a large scale neighbourhood watch.

“He personally told me he was looking at the benefit to the community. Having spoken to him he wasn’t looking for an accolade I can say that because he told me and others on many occasions that we were more than welcome to head and organise the daily patrols.

“Alhamdulillah for all the work he has done and is doing. He has illustrated he is really and truly a reformed person. Many of us could take a leaf out of his book. Look at the charity work internationally he is doing and has done. You can see excerpts on my Facebook page.

“He has paid his debt to society so if you can’t promote the well being of your town and can do nothing positive please don’t attack those that are trying”.

Tahir’s younger brother, Cllr Shahid Mushtaq, is a Cabinet Member of Oldham Council. His Leader, Cllr Amanda Chadderton, whom, by a curious coincidence, lives in the town of the same name, has been asked to comment via her press office.

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