Police urged public to dob in drink and drug drivers

NYP drink drive campaign pic

North Yorkshire Police has released the results of their annual Christmas crackdown on drink and drug drivers.

Drink and drug driving is a year-round priority for the force but there is a particular focus on the issue across the Christmas period and summer months, as it’s often a busier time for people socialising.

The latest campaign started on 1st December 2022 and ended on New Year’s Day 2023. In total, officers conducted 1,035 roadside tests in North Yorkshire across those 32 days.

Following the roadside tests 121 people were arrested. 73 for drink driving, 40 for drug driving (one person was arrested for both drink and drug driving) and nine people were arrested for failing to provide a sample. 18 of the arrests followed a road traffic collision.

Of the 121 arrested, 49 people have so far been charged. Seven of the 49 have been convicted with a further 42 due at court. The seven convictions have led to £3,621 in fines and an aggregated total of 126 months in disqualifications.

Throughout the month of December, officers patrolled the county in marked and unmarked vehicles to proactively intercept drink and drug drivers. Static checks also took place across the force’s operational area.

The highest reading recorded reading was 141 micrograms of alcohol in 100 millilitres of breath. The legal limit is 35 micrograms. Shortly after 2pm on Saturday 3rd December 2022, a member of the public contacted the police to report a stationary vehicle on a blind bend at Kiplin, near Catterick. On arrival, officers carried out a breath test on the driver who provided a reading which was around four times over the legal alcohol limit. A 43-year-old woman from Richmondshire was arrested and taken into custody where she was breathalysed again. then charged with driving a motor vehicle when over the alcohol limit.

Speaking about the results of the campaign, Superintendent Emma Aldred, Head of Specialist Operations at North Yorkshire Police, said:

“Along with other emergency services we see, far too often, the devastating consequences that drink and drug driving causes.

“We often use the term ‘the ripple effect,’ as the mindless actions from one individual can lead to trauma and heartache for many more people.

“Although a vast majority of people were driving within the legal limits, 121 arrests is an alarming number, and it makes this set of results a difficult read.
“This campaign has focused on asking people to call us with information about drink and drug drivers.

“I’m pleased to say we’ve received a significant amount of calls over the past month and often these calls have often resulted in arrests and most likely the prevention of further devastation.

“I would like to thank anyone who has responded to our campaign and called us with information.

“The Christmas campaign has ended for another year, but we will never stop targeting drink and drug drivers.

“We’re persistent in our approach all year round and we will never give up on the fight to make the roads in North Yorkshire a safer place for everyone.”

As well as working on enforcement measures, the campaign has also focused on education. Road safety officers have worked with colleagues at North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service to deliver drink and drug drive presentations. The hard-hitting talk educates people about the risks and dangers that are associated with drink and drug driving.

The message from the York and North Yorkshire Road Safety partnership this year was “Save a life and call it in.”

Members of the public are urged to call out any driver who is behind the wheel when under the influence of drink or drugs, by dialling 999.

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