‘Malicious Beggar’ concedes defeat as ‘People’s Princess’ set to return to council

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A notorious, unemployed, Tameside-based conspiracy theorist has admitted, through gritted teeth, on his frequently banned Recusant Nine social media platforms that his latest smear campaign against the former Leader of Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council is doomed to fail. 

Raja Miah, also widely known as ‘The Malicious Beggar’ (or simply ‘The Beggar’), over his relentless leeching of State benefits from the elderly, disabled, vulnerable, gullible and delusional at the core of his support group, has posted this text on his Facebook and YouTube pages, much of it the standard, self-serving, gratuitously divisive, hate-filled nonsense but, at its heart, the concession of a humiliating defeat.

“The re-election of AROOJ SHAH from the Pakistani stronghold of St Mary’s now looks inevitable. The likelihood is, aided by the Muslim block vote reliant MPs JIM McMAHON & DEBBIE ABRAHAMS, she will immediately wrestle control of the Labour Party and once again become leader of Oldham Council. Residents from across all 20 wards of Oldhamers need only look at recent posts by [redacted for legal reasons] and prepare for the worst. Oldham will be governed from Glodwick.

“The only chance we have of saving Oldham and protecting all that we hold dear is to get as many Independent candidates as possible over the line in next month’s all out elections. To achieve this, we must focus our efforts and defeat Labour in key seats where the cancer of the Cartel controlled block vote is yet to spread. If we can pull off a miracle and defeat Labour in wards such as ROYTON SOUTH, we will force the Council to no overall control. The damage SHAH and her Labour Party associates will do to the town can then be contained”.

The ‘we’ to whom Bradford-born Miah refers is a small but noisy and irksome collection of cranks, misfits, axe-grinders and anti-Labour malcontents whom self-style appositely as The Rabble. Whose ranks also contain an uncomfortably high number of the Borough’s criminals, thugs, perverts and on-line stalkers and trolls.

Unsurprisingly, very few of The Rabble are in gainful employment or contribute anything worthwhile to society, either by way of taxes, voluntary or charity work. Being part of the Recusant Nine cult demands that you are selfish and give everything, including most of one’s available time, and, of course, all spare money, to the cause.

The ‘Cartels’ have existed only in the minds of The Rabble for almost four years. Usually accompanied by Miah’s violent, evidence-free fantasies that include, but are not limited to, murder plots, gang rape, mobsters, goons, car jackers and armed robbers (read more here).

His core and longest-lived fantasy, of course, also being entirely evidence-free – and far-fetched in the extreme: That all Labour Party politicians in Oldham, aided by the Greater Manchester Mayor, an entire police force, their safeguarding partners, senior paid council officers, local and regional journalists engaged in a wide-scale, long-running conspiracy to cover up child sexual exploitation (CSE) in return for Asian block votes at local and general elections.  

Arooj Shah was narrowly deposed as Leader at the local elections in May, 2022 as the victim of a grotesque and highly personalised smear campaign orchestrated by Miah, in concert with the Oldham Conservative Party (read more here). During a genuinely inspirational speech given in the election count media centre in the wake of her defeat, the ‘People’s Princess’ promised she would carry on fighting for the people of her home town, out of office, and would work hard to win back her seat on the council.

Her successor as Leader, Cllr Amanda Chadderton, is this year’s principal target of the Miah/Rabble/Tory smear campaign as they seek to remove her from her Royton South seat. But, the realisation has belatedly set in at Crank Central that, by getting rid of Cllr Chadderton, the Oldham Council Leadership is more or less gifted to Miss Shah. A nightmare scenario for the far-right, racists and misogynists that are heavily over-represented in the Rabble ranks. 

Despite innuendo to the contrary, neither Debbie Abrahams nor Jim McMahon have a vote at the Oldham Labour Party meeting on 9th May, 2023 that will decide on the Leader for the municipal year 2023/24. 

Bradford-born Raja Miah (pictured below), 49, of Stamford Street, Mossley is currently on both police and court conditional bail over malicious communication and harassment allegations respectively (read more here). He also is embroiled in a potentially life-changing defamation claim where he could face costs and damages approaching £200,000 if the matters in issue proceed to trial (read more here). In all cases, he denies wrongdoing.

It is understood that a third defamation claim against ‘The Beggar’ is in the course of preparation and will be served on him in the near future.

A similar claim brought against both him and his close friend and political ally, Khazir Rehman (better known as ‘Kaiser’), ended disastrously for the latter when, in February 2023 he was ordered by the High Court in London to pay £197,500 in costs and damages. Miah had compromised the claim against him at an earlier stage by withdrawing offending material, making a public apology and a payment to Oldham Food Bank in the claimant’s name. At the heart of the dispute were appalling and entirely false claims that a pillar of the local community was involved in child sex offending.

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