‘Car-jacking’ was ‘faked’ by notorious conspiracy theorist


A former prominent member of The Rabble (or Raja’s Rabble) a support group attached to a notorious, Tameside-based conspiracy theorist, Raja Miah, says that ‘Asian Cartels’ in an East Lancashire mill town are ‘prepared to kill’ in order to keep their secrets safe.

The whistleblower, who fears reprisals from both The Rabble and the ‘Cartels’ wishes to maintain his/her anonymity. Raja, it is said, ‘fears for his life’ if he names the members of those groups, either to the police or on his Recusant Nine social media platforms.

An extensive investigation by the author of this article, Neil Wilby, has previously revealed no evidence of the existence of Miah’s mythical ‘Asian Cartels’ whom, according to his frequent and lurid tales of mobsters, gangsters, goons and murder plots, occupy the higher echelons of Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council, run a network organised crime gangs (OCGs) in the town and, in the evenings, the Pakistani men amongst the Asian Cartels commit wholesale rape against working class white girls. To which, Miah claims, Greater Manchester Police and their friends in the Labour Party in Oldham, turn a blind eye in return for Asian block votes at local and council elections. A matter robustly denied by both.

Miah even claims to know the addresses of the Cartel members to which girls are taken to be exploited, abused and trafficked. A totally anonymous call to the well known charity, Crimestoppers (see here), would put an end to all that alleged suffering. Their motto is: ‘Speak up, stay safe’.

Given the very serious nature of what Raja alleges it is likely that the National Crime Agency would be deployed to Oldham to investigate, not the local police force. Particularly as the latter are routinely smeared on Recusant Nine as ‘paedophile protectors’.

The whistleblower also confirms what many already knew, or suspected, about an incident reported on Recusant Nine thirteen months ago and, presumably, to give substance to Miah’s Cartel allegations and, at the same time, feed his ever-present victim complex: An alleged car-jacking in the rural commuter village of Greenfield was faked by Miah, who claimed that he was attacked by a balaclava-clad, armed gang whom, after a street battle, drove off with his car.

He says, despite his weakling stature and known cowardice, he says he bravely fought with the robbers, but didn’t sustain a single injury. He also could not identify the vehicle they used in the attack, give any description at all of the attackers and refused to publicly name the street in which it was alleged to have taken place (now said to be Butterworth Way) or disclose a crime number issued by the police.

The incident was not witnessed by any other person or captured on either dash-cam footage, doorbell or CCTV cameras in the area. No public appeal for information relating to the incident was made either by the police or Miah.

This ‘car-jacking’ incident, the whistleblower says, was the beginning of the end for a number of The Rabble’s former leading lights. They belatedly realised that much, if not all, of Raja’s allegations, on a wide range of sensationalised topics, lacked any evidential foundation and, more often than not, were just a ruse for his supporters, particularly the vulnerable, suggestible, gullible and delusional amongst them, to send him more of their meagre State benefits upon which they live.

More recently, the whistleblower says there is disquiet amongst those on the fringes of The Rabble over the fact that, after a prolonged spate of shameless begging, he has increased his ‘take’ from his supporters to over £1,750 per month (from a previously declared sum of £550) yet is now proposing to do much less for his money. Several, feeling strongly that they have been ‘conned’, asked for refunds but were refused – and quite a few have cancelled their subscriptions from the next due payment date. A fact admitted by Miah in a recent Recusant Nine Facebook post.

But whichever way that falls, being paid over £20,000 per annum, during a cost of living crisis and a substantial part of it diverted from State benefits, to spew out a stream of persistent, mendacious lies, does seem an awful lot of money.

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