What must her mother think?

During a YouTube broadcast yesterday (10th April, 2023), on his frequently banned Recusant Nine social media platform, an unemployed, Tameside-based conspiracy theorist, Raja Miah, once again plumbed the depths of depravity and raised further safeguarding concerns over his fitness to be around children.

The twenty-eight second clip at the top of this page recounts how he told his young daughter that he would rather she grow up to be ‘a prostitute than a politician’. A disgraceful but typically misogynistic slur aimed, initially no doubt, at the twenty-one female cross-party politicians who sit as elected representatives on Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council and two of the three Members of Parliament whose constituencies fall in whole, or in part, in the same Borough.

Quite how those female candidates standing in next month’s elections feel about being smeared in this way one can only speculate. Miah purports to be specifically advocating on behalf of Amoy Crook in the St James’ ward and Maggie Hurley and Jade Hughes in Royton South. All three have been approached for comment.

The current Leader of Oldham Council, Cllr Amanda Chadderton, more importantly the mother of a young daughter, has been offered the opportunity to respond on behalf of female politicians everywhere.

Bradford-born Raja Miah, 49, is currently on police bail over a malicious communication allegation and on court bail and facing trial over harassing a 40 year lawyer from the Salford area. He denies any wrongdoing. He is also facing a life-changing defamation claim brought by nationally known health campaigner, Dr Zahid Chauhan OBE.

The core output from Recusant Nine is heavily punctuated with violent fantasies, including gang rape of white girls by Asian men. Miah is obsessed with murder plots, armed robbers, Cartels, mobsters, gangsters and goons. One made up story actually involved the same daughter being caught up in a car-jacking by armed robbers. Enquiries of the police and in the neighbourhood where he claimed it occurred proved it was yet another fake claim to embellish his victimhood and keep the subscriptions and donations rolling in (read more here).

Only last week Miah claimed to be suffering from norovirus. A highly contagious disease. 24 hours later he posted on Recusant Nine that after a visit to the Civic Centre in Oldham he was collecting his daughter from school, putting her, her classmates and an entire village school at risk. Not to mention the entire council staff complement. In the event, it turned out to be just another in a very lengthy catalogue of Raja’s lies (read more here).

The mother of his daughter is a clinical psychologist and must be aware of the impact and detriment the exposure to such materials has – and being around a man who possesses at least one lethal weapon and is prepared to use it. On his own admission, sleeping with a knife under his pillow.

Fortunately, the child takes her mother’s name and not the father’s, an association that would, on all the evidence, blight her life for the foreseeable future.

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