Public Health Alert: Norovirus super-spreader at large

Raja Miah nibbling a samosa 2

Against all medical advice, and even the most basic common sense, a notorious Bradford-born, Tameside-based conspiracy theorist is set to become a norovirus super-spreader today.

On his frequently banned Recusant Nine social media platform yesterday, at around 9.30am, Raja Miah posted that he was ill with norovirus and would be off-line for the rest of the day. He had posted twice on Monday evening on the same Facebook page and, apparently, all was well at that point.

He also conducted a lengthy YouTube transmission on Sunday evening, until very late, and a check of that output confirms that, apart from getting terribly screwed up with anger and frustration, there were no outward signs at all of physical ill-health.

Earlier this morning, unemployed Miah, with lots of spare time on his hands, posted about plans for a leisurely, coffee-filled afternoon and evening. Visiting the Civic Centre in Oldham with his friend, Warren Bates, another persistent, self-admitted public nuisance (read more here), and then spending time with his young daughter.

After which, and Iftar, he would spend time pursuing his hobby of desktop publishing and leaflet designing for the rest of the night. For which, he asks The Rabble to fund him separately.

A nice day in prospect, especially if all that is crowd-funded by other people, as is the case with the exiled Yorkshireman. Living high on the hog from subscriptions and donations paid for by a group of his supporters. An unpleasant concoction of axe-grinders and political malcontents whom self-style as ‘The Rabble‘.

At this point, however, the public must first marvel at the Raja Powers of Recovery: He frequently posts about being unwell and then quickly followed by remarkable health turnarounds. The samosas he regularly nibbles must be highly efficacious.

Perhaps more of us should become confirmed nibblers? Especially, as it is good for the bank balance, or at least it is in Miah’s case.

But, secondly, and a matter of serious alarm, is that norovirus is highly contagious. Particularly, in the first three days after recovery. But can still be contagious for up to two weeks. It is reckless beyond belief that Miah would want to risk infecting 85 year old Bates and the entire staff at the Civic Centre – and not only them but his own daughter and, in consequence, pupils and staff at her primary school.

Most people would regard BUPA as a trusted source and their clear, unequivocal advice can be checked out here. It was the first Google search page found against the term ‘norovirus’. There are very many more, as one might expect.

Very much in the public interest, a copy of this article has been emailed to the election office at the Oldham Civic Centre (to where Raja Miah is headed with Warren Bates), the relevant school (it is not named here for very obvious privacy reasons) and the child’s mother whom it is understood is not a Recusant Nine follower.

Or, of course, there is aways the possibility that the Region’s most persistent, mendacious liar didn’t have norovirus at all?

We will see.

There is also the other complication over both Bates and Miah holding Anti-Social Behaviour Injunction warning letters issued by Oldham Council’s Community Safety team following scenes of serious public disorder at Full Council meetings last Summer (read more here).

We will also see how that plays out.

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