Crossing the red line

Raja Miah outside Manchester Magistrates' Court in

A notorious, repulsive, unemployed, Tameside-based conspiracy theorist, Raja MIAH, widely known on social media as ‘The Malicious Beggar’, has, very arguably, sunk to his lowest depths yet.

Bradford-born Miah operates the infamous, frequently banned Recusant Nine social media platforms upon which he can be frequently found indulging his violent fantasies about murder plots, mobsters, gangsters, Asian cartels, Pakistani goons and car-jacking armed robbers fictitiously operating in a famous old East Lancashire mill town.

None of which is ever accompanied by any tangible evidence. Particularly the latter, which he invented recently as yet another ruse to both indulge his excruciating victim complex and, more importantly, leech more money from a deluded, gullible support group whom self style as The Rabble or Raja’s Rabble (read full story here).

Last weekend, ‘The Beggar’ in a desperate attempt to maintain interest amongst his dwindling supporters, on his own admission now down to around 150 hopelessly indoctrinated cultists, posted a rape fantasy that involved a young, white, female journalist being walked around Oldham’s Glodwick district late at night and being gang raped by Asian men whilst Miah watched and stuffed his pockets with £50 notes given to him by the perpetrators.

By almost common consent, it was sick, perverted and depraved. Made even more so as he named the journalist, who works for a local newspaper, involved in his fantasy.

Her sin? To file a bog-standard, text book court report from criminal proceedings in which Miah is defendant. The latest case management hearing in those elongated proceedings took place in Manchester Magistrates’ Court on 2nd February, 2023 (read more here). The Oldham Times published the subject journalist’s copy the following day. It complied, in every respect, with the reporter’s duty under the Magistrates’ Court Act, 1980.

Miah and The Rabble, jointly and severally, have a shocking history of intimidating other journalists reporting on the criminal proceedings and even the principal complainant in this case. Those journalists include the author of this article, Neil Wilby (read more here). The concept being that, if so intimidated at court and, later, mindlessly smeared on social media, they will absent themselves from future hearings.

It is a ploy not only doomed to fail, but guaranteed to heighten interest in the case from The Fourth Estate: Journalists walk towards danger, not away from it.

More crucially, it is an affront to democracy and, very arguably, a contempt in the form of interference with the administration of justice. A matter that has been put to the relevant authorities in such cases.

Greater Manchester Police is also now involved, at senior officer level, after multiple reports to the force of alleged communications and harassment offences.

The subject journalist is receiving appropriate support.

Over 80 members of The Rabble ‘liked’ the Recusant Nine rape fantasy post, 28 shared it and 12, so far, made derogatory comments about the named journalist. Front centre of which was the de facto Leader of The Rabble, Gary Tarbuck, another unemployed, axe-grinding malcontent who stood, unsuccessfully, as a Conservative Party candidate at the last local elections. Two of his best friends are sitting Conservative Members of Oldham Council, Dave Arnott and Robert Barnes. The three are pictured here celebrating that association in an Oldham pub last May. Tarbuck (white shirt on the right) has his arm on Cllr Barnes’ shoulder, who is sat alongside Cllr Arnott.

Rabble and Tories at pub in Derker

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