Police officer charged with gross misconduct after off duty sexual assault

An accelerated misconduct hearing listed to be heard at North Yorkshire Police headquarters in Northallerton on 28th April, 2023 could see the end of a police constable’s career in the force.

PC Joseph McCabe, 27, was convicted of one count of sexual assault at York Magistrates’ Court in February and received a six-month prison sentence, suspended for a period of 24 months conditional upon attending a rehabilitation course and abstaining from drinking alcohol for a set period. He was also handed a three-year restraining order.

The officer was suspended in June, 2022 after being charged with the offence.

The trial heard that the Harrogate-based officer  touched a woman without her consent, and pulled her hair violently when they were sharing a room at the Travelodge hotel at Scotch Corner, in August 2021. McCabe stayed at the hotel after attending a wedding in Middleton Tyas with a number of other police officers. The victim and McCabe were known to one another.

After the sentencing Deputy Chief Constable Mabs Hussain made this statement:

“Our communities need to know that they can have complete trust in their police, and that we demand the highest level of integrity from our officers and staff.

“McCabe’s disgraceful actions fell far below that standard. I commend the victim for her courage in coming forward so we could take action. I also hope the case sends a clear message that there is no place for this behaviour in policing – and that we will secure justice against perpetrators, no matter who they are.”

Mabs Hussain is an unfortunate choice as a spokesperson on integrity as he steadfastly refuses to address long-standing questions regarding his own (read more here).

The chief constable, Lisa Winward, was warned of the unfortunate juxtaposition before her deputy transferred out of Greater Manchester Police and took up his new role with NYP (read more here) but continues to rely on a tame, unchallenging local and regional press to keep the lid on the scandal firmly screwed down whilst picking off low hanging fruit to give the appearance of maintaining high ethical and professional standards in the force.

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