Police force continues to ‘root out and boot out’ corrupt cops


As Greater Manchester Police continues its self-styled campaign to ‘root out and boot out’ corruption – ensuring employees are fit to fight crime, keep people safe, and care for victims – its opaqueness in terms of misconduct hearings continues to rub against that laudable, and, some might argue, long overdue aim.

Following an article published by Neil Wilby Media last week, which highlighted the concealing from the public and the press of every material detail relating to a misconduct hearing held by the force on 10th May, 2023 (read in full here), another ‘mystery’ is about to unfold.

A police constable whom has, apparently, left the force, in unreported circumstances, faces a misconduct hearing tomorrow (18th May, 2023). The only details released, thus far, is that Manisa Matloob will answer allegations that her conduct amounted to a breach of the Standards of Professional Behaviour of Discreditable Conduct and Honesty and Integrity contrary to the Police Regulations 2020.

The force doesn’t say, but the given name ‘Manisa’ implies that ex-PC Matloob is female.

The hearing will be conducted via Microsoft Teams and the public (or press) can apply to listen in to the proceeding by contacting the force at this link. There is no indication as to when the alleged incident(s) giving rise to the investigation took place or whether there has ben an undue delay in dealing with this (or these) matters.

Since 1st January, 2022, GMP has held 45 misconduct hearings of which 93% have been held in public (source: UK News Media). Many of them have been chaired by their chief constable, Stephen Watson.

The force press office has been contacted in an attempt to elicit more details.

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