‘Boots’ brought to heel

Uddin Errock Imran Ali

Following an exclusive posted here on Neil Wilby Media on 27th November, 2022, headlined ‘Will Boots toe the line over doctor’s remedy’, an open letter has been posted on a Facebook page, a short time ago, by the principal subject of that article, a local entertainer and spectacularly failed politician by the name of Paul Errock (pictured above centre).

It appears that an excessively mealy-mouthed, self-aggrandising missive, by way of an open letter published on Facebook, has settled the legal matters between Dr Zahid Chauhan OBE and Errock, who is widely known locally as ‘Boots’. The former having issued the latter with a defamation warning letter from his lawyers, JMW Solicitors, on 24th November, 2022.

The full text of his open letter to the nationally known health campaigner and this year’s Deputy Mayor at Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council is published here. It is the usual mixed bag of schoolboy errors, palpable nonsense, wild speculation and smears:

“Dr Zahid Chauhan O.B.E.

“As I resigned from the POOS [Proud of Oldham and Saddleworth] in May 2022, and I have no formal position at Oldham Borough Independents, nor am a (sic) member of any political party, I make this statement in the capacity as a Private Citizen (sic) of the Borough of Oldham.

“Following recent publications by The Liberal Democratic’s (sic), I posted (in a personal capacity ~ as I formally resigned as POOS leader in May 2022), a series of questions relating to the Lib-Dems public release.

“I concluded a subsequent exchange to invite Dr Chauhan to contact me (as we were both abroad when this issue arose).

“Following a conversation he and I have subsequently had (and again I reiterate he has been in every exchange we’ve had polite and mannerable, and was again), I’m personally of no doubt he has not taken any action that could be construed as illegal.

“He and I have differing opinions on politics, but it’s not proved an obstacle in our communications with one another.

“I made no secret of the fact last year that I personally published my endorsement of Dr Chauhan as my preferred option of available candidates as Council Leader.

“Following which, I was recipient of a number of vile racist remarks and statements, undeterred I still held those opinions, despite the abuse I received.

“Mr Sean Fielding I consider to be immature and foolish, and his heart was not in the right place to be our Council leader; which has since been borne out by him selling up and leaving the Borough, as soon as he was voted out.

“Ms Arooj Shah I thought to be nieve (sic) for the position (and her appointment way to (sic) premature), and Ms Amanda Chadderton I believe is completely out of her depth.

“Hence I made public my endorsement of Dr Chauhan (primarily due to his experience and professional background);

“Hence, it came as a bit of a shock the Liberal Democrat’s publishing what they did, and I therefore raised questions about those comments.

“Whilst an initial exchange was titled “Private and Confidential and not for publication”!
I did raise an eyebrow that it was published a couple of days later by [redacted for legal reasons] despite being titled “not for publication”?

“This did make me ponder who had “leaked” this information from the inner Council… and why?

“In view of the contents I could not make head nor tale (sic) as to why anyone would “leak” their own intentions of a legal letter, so aptly titled?

“Having made several private phone calls to persons within the Council, I am now 100% satisfied that it was not Dr Chauhan or any member of The Labour Party in Oldham that leaked this information.

“I’m 99.9% certain of who did, and equally convinced why?

“But hey um (sic), that’s local politics for you.

“The conclusion of our conversation (which was as ever polite), was Dr Zahid Chauhan in my opinion satisfied me in his explanation that he’s not done anything illegal, and through my own investigations I am also convinced he did not leak (nor did the Labour Party leak), the legal letters that took place between us.

“Whatever his actions will be with the Liberal Democrats statements are solely at his discretion, but I do deny that my post were (sic) aimed to defame in any way, and the comments were made against an article that was in the public domain.

“I will also reiterate that “personal” information passed to me relating to multiple people, I have never published – nor ever will.

“I’ll continue to comment on information in the public domain or anything passed to me where I have the explicit permission from those who pass me those documents – if I am asked not to do, I don’t.

“In the many conversations I have had with all main parties contents have remained sacrosanct unless I have the agreement of those I haves spoken to – to publish.
Credibility is like a balloon – you can only pop it once.

“Dr Chauhan agreed that I could make the fact we’ve held a conversation in private yesterday, public.

“It is appreciated that although he and I are on opposite political divides, he at least had the good character to reach out and explain his position. (as ever, politely).

“Kind Regards


Another recipient of a defamation warning letter, a former close friend and political ally of Errock, Raja Miah, appears to be prepared to stare down the doctor and his lawyers as the unemployed, Tameside-based conspiracy theorist continues to taunt Zahid Chauhan on his various Recusant Nine social media channels (read more here).

Two other recipients of similar legal letters, The Oldham Chronicle and Liberal Democrat councillor, Mark Kenyon, have so far made no public statement on the issue. Nor does it appear that one, or both, is imminent.

The Errock-endorsed proposition that Dr Chauhan did nothing at all wrong was heavily bolstered by an article published elsewhere today on Neil Wilby Media that firmly placed the blame for the conflict of interest/Register of Interests farrago, such as it is, at the door of Borough Solicitor, Paul Entwistle (read article in full here).

Although the other Paul, blear-witted Errock (or “Boris Billions” as he his known to his club audiences), is now, seemingly, out of the picture, this is still a story with legs.

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