Police asked to provide context to ‘excessive force’ film clip circulating on social media


Greater Manchester Police has been asked to provide a statement regarding an incident on Union Street, in Oldham town centre and said to have occurred on New Year’s Eve.

A film is circulating on social media, including via the Oldham News and Media Facebook page, that, taken at its face, appears to show excessive force being used by a group of officers on a male they appear to wish to detain.

A MP4 version of the subject film is held by Neil Wilby Media, together with materials that will assist the force in identifying the officers involved, but is not being published until more is understood about the incident and the events both leading up to it and in its aftermath.

GMP’s press office is currently providing an on-call service only. Messages to them are being triaged and responses during this period will only be provided to enquiries regarding incidents considered, by the force, to be serious, critical or major.

This article will be updated as soon as a viable response is received from the force.
Given the potential for damage to the reputation of the force that should be sooner rather than later.
UPDATE: A copy of the video and the police statement that gives context to it can be viewed here.

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