Oldham-led drug gang jailed

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Three white males, who imported cannabis by posting packages from the United States of America to their own homes, have been jailed.

Thus dealing yet another blow to a notorious, unemployed, Tameside-based conspiracy theorist whom continually asserts that all criminal enterprise – and control of Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council – is vested with Raja Miah‘s mythical ‘Asian cartels, mobsters, gangsters and Glodwick goons’.

An Oldham man, Jason Warren, 35, organised the pan-Atlantic cannabis importation plot by arranging for packages to be sent to various addresses, including multiple packages to his own home in the Sholver Park area.

He was jailed for six years at Manchester’s Minshull Street Crown Court on Friday 13th January, 2023. His partners in crime, Andrew Dicken, 41, from Urmston, and Corey Atkinson, 27, formerly of Wrexham but presently of no fixed abode, were jailed for 21 and 27 months respectively. All three had pleaded guilty to a range of drugs offences.

Police said that the drug consignments were intercepted by Border Force officials between June and November, 2021 at Heathrow Airport and at the International Logistics Centre in Langley.

As a result, police officers raided Warren’s property on 24th November 2021 and arrested him. During the subsequent search of his property, a gun was found in his bed and a plastic bag in his fridge freezer was also found. It contained amphetamines, along with drugs paraphernalia.

A subsequent analysis of Warren’s mobile phone identified a total of five others involved with him in the drug scam.

Corey Atkinson was already serving a prison sentence in HMP Forest Bank when he was found to be communicating with Warren via a smuggled-in mobile phone.

The court heard that Atkinson directed Warren to collect the boxes from the others and take them to Andrew Dicken, who would hand over money to Warren.

Detective Constable Michelle Lomax, who works with Oldham’s Challenger organised crime team, said after the sentencing hearing:

“This should send a message to individuals who attempt to import illegal drugs into the country that packages, no matter how concealed you think they may be, can be checked and intercepted at the border.”

Jason Warren was sentenced to six years for conspiracy to import cannabis, conspiracy to acquire criminal property, possession with intent to supply Class B drugs and possession of a prohibited weapon
Corey Atkinson was sentenced to 27 months for conspiracy to import cannabis, conspiracy to acquire criminal property, possession with intent to supply Class B drugs

Andrew Dicken was sentenced to 21 months for the same range of charges as Atkinson

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